Braun Hand Blender Price in Pakistan

Braun hand blender price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 7,400 to Rs 30,200. Being offical dealer of Braun we offer their hand blender at the most afforable rates. So a good Braun hand blender from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 18,100. We sell geuine and origonal products of Braun whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Braun.

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By integrating innovative and cutting-edge German technology into its hand blender, Braun certainly has one of Pakistan’s finest hand blender ranges. Its series comes with different technologies, attachment options, and price variations, for which this article will be your best buying guide to know more about these blenders and their features.

Promising Features of hand blenders in Pakistan

PowerBell technology

PowerBell technology provides finer results due to extra milling blades that cut per rotation. It gives more control and efficient blending.

Splash Control Technology

These blenders have splash control technology to keep your kitchen space mess-free.

Smart Speed Technology

Select speed by simply squeezing one button. For coarse and roughly chopped results, push gently. If you want fine results, increase the push button for more power.

Powerful Motors

Hand blenders have different size motors from 450 W, 700 W, 1000 W to 1200 W for fast and easy preparation.

Easy Click System

Some hand blenders have quick and easy changing, which is possible with a great Easy Click system.

Sleek Design

Braun hand blenders have a firm handle, ergonomically designed for more control and better handling.


Braun hand blenders come with multiple types of accessories because of the variation of each series.


Though Braun has 2 years of official warranty in most countries but it is not claimable in Pakistan. Still, from out personal review, Braun hand blenders are a reliable and lifetime partner.

Braun Hand Blender Series in Pakistan

MultiQuick 1

This series has simple speed activation with a single attachment.

MultiQuick 3

Braun hand blenders come with single attachments and multiple attachments, including a coffee grinder, whisk, and blending jug.

MultiQuick 3 Vario

MultiQuick 3 Vario hand blender comes with 11 Vario speed wheels and is available with a single attachment.

MultiQuick 5 Vario

MultiQuick 5 Vario hand blender gives 21 adjustable speed levels for more precise blending results.

MultiQuick 7

MultiQuick 7 hand blender features a 1000W power motor and multiple attachments from chopper blender to whisk accessories. This series comes in mid-range hand blenders with the world’s first active blade technology.

MultiQuick 9

Multi quick 9 series is Braun’s most advanced hand blender series, which comes with XL food processor attachments and active Power drive technology.

Unbeatable Braun Hand Blender Price in Pakistan 2023

As Braun is a German brand with advanced features, its price is obviously much higher than other competitors in Pakistan. Still based on the quality of its hand blenders, its higher prices are worth it, and an enticement for kitchen lovers.
Here are the best prices of Braun hand blenders in Pakistan by;



Braun Hand Blender MQ 100PRs. 7,499
Braun Hand Blender MQ 3038 3 in 1Rs. 20,195
Braun Hand Blender MQ 7085X 3 in 1 1000 WattsRs. 30,299

What makes Braun Hand Blenders the best In Pakistan?

Braun hand blenders are recommended in Pakistan because:

  • It has state-of-the-art technologies like Powerball, Active Power Drive, and Splash Control.
  • Braun gives a wide range of speed options for its hand blenders. It has dual speed in its simpler series, while it can have up to 21-speed levels in its more advanced series.
  • Added attachments to Braun hand blender makes them highly multifunctional.


In short, Brauns has clearly the largest and most advanced range of hand blenders in Pakistan, making it the favorite choice for smoothie lovers and kitchen mates.