Changhong Ruba AC Price in Pakistan

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Changhong Ruba is a daughter company of Chinese home appliances giant Changhong. Its is a renowned brand for its advanced air conditioners. In Pakistan Changhong is known for its most economical air conditioners in the market, yet their performance is surprising good at the price they offer.

If you are looking to buy a Changhong Ruba ac in Pakistan, than this section will help you a lot to have a comprehensive price value analysis of its air conditioners.

Series of Changong Ruba AC:

Changhong Ruba has a rather simpler ac series – New Generation Smart DC Inverter, DC Inverter AC, Non-inverter AC and boutique ACs.

New Generation Smart DC  inverter

These air conditioners are the best Changhong Ruba AC in Pakistan. In addition to DC inverter technology, they have smart connectivity option through WiFi. Also, there are more options on your AC remote like sleep mode, auto clean option, smart sensor option, and much more.

Also ACs of this series are powered by Toshiba compressor, for which their cooling performance is amazing. And the efficienty of these Changhong ACs is upto 75%.

Lastly it has a Management BCP technology, through which it smartly detects and control the AC operation throughout the day.

DC Inverter AC

These are the standard DC inverter AC that have higher energy efficiency. Changhong claims the efficiency of their DC inverter series to be upto 68%, which is remarkable higher for the economical price they offer.

They also have other features like i-feel, auto clean, 4D- air flow and auto start. Also there are some of the models in this series that are cool only, which is a treat as they are about PKR 10,000 less in price as compared to heat & cool models.

Non-Inverter AC

These are fixed speed AC by Changhong. Though they don’t have energy efficient performance, but their non-stop cooling gives a chilling temperature. These are highly suitable for open places where air circulates, and at relatively hotter places.

On the price point, these are about 30% lesser in price as compared to their inverter counterpart.

Boutique AC

Changhong holds its position as only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of air conditioners. It provides services to label your brand on their ACs. It has already branded Mercedes and BMW ACs.

The price for these ACs are lesser, but you need to order bulk quantity for branding.


Changhong Ruba comes with 10 years compressor warranty and 1 year parts warranty for its inverter ACs.

While it has 5 year compressor warranty and 1 year parts warranty for its non-inverter ACs.

Features of Changhong Ruba ACs

Wifi control system.

Its smart ACs have wifi control system, through which you can connect and control your AC form remote places through your smart phones. Also you can monitor AC’s energy consumption as well.

4D Air Flow

These air conditioners provide long-throw air. So they send the air in 4 directions in the room.


All their ACs have double layered gold fin condenser.

Complete Price list of Changhong Ruba AC in Pakistan 2023

Though, all Changhong Ruba AC prices in Pakistan in Pakistan is much economical as compared to other brands, its even lesser when buying form here. Here is a complete list of discounted prices of Changhong AC;