Ecostar LED Price in Pakistan

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Ecostar, with a vision to provide home appliances at great value for money, also produces LED TVs in Pakistan. It has a comprehensive range of LED TVs and most of them are recently introduced in year 2022.

If you are looking to buy Ecostar LED online or from market, it is wise to first have a brief overview of different categories of Ecostar LEDs available in the market and their prices. In the following section we would give a brief specification and price value analysis to help you select the best Ecostar LED according to your requirements.

 Categories of Ecostar LED TVs

There are mainly three categories of Ecostar LEDs;

  1. Standard LED TV
  2. Sound pro LED TV
  3. Smart LED TV

Each category has further multiple series, however on specification point they remain somewhat coherent. Let’s have a brief overview of each category and models of Ecostar LED TVs.

Standard LED TV

This is the base model of Ecostar LED that is non-android and simply designed to be used on cable or with USB connection. These standard LEDs has 720p HD display and latest frameless design. On the sound perspective, they are powered by Dolby Digital that gives clear and quality sound.

The only outstanding thing about this LED is that it comes with optional Miracast feature, with which you can easily connect your mobile to your LED device.

Sizes of Standard LED

Ecostar has only one size of 32 inch led in this category, which is the minimum size in any standard LED TV.

Sound Pro LED TV

Ecostar has a more upgraded version of its non-smart standard LED TVs, that is labelled as Sound Pro LED. These LEDs has a better A Grade panel that has more clear and brighter display. Furthermore, these LEDs has additional HDMI connectivity option that further advances its usage.

Regarding Sound, these LEDs has sound max engine that is backed by more powerful speaker, thus has enhanced sound quality and clarity. However, there is no Miracast option in this category.

Regarding Display, except for 50 inch LED, all other has HD display and only 50 inch sound pro has 4K UHD display.

Sizes of Sound Pro LED

In this category there are only three available sizes: 32, 39 and, 50 inch with Ecostar 32 inch LED available with frameless design.

Smart LED TV

Ecostar Smart TV has much advance features, quality and more variety of sizes. All these Ecostar Smart LEDs are powered by Android. This means that they have built in Play Store, Google Assistant, Bluetooth, Internet, gaming options and much more.

Not only Ecostar Smart TV has android, but it also features more powerful speakers and display. Ecostar Smart LED can be further categorized based on display.

Ecostar Smart FHD LED TV

These LEDs are featured with Full HD display and powered by DTS true sound that enhanced its screen resolution and gives more clear sound. They have 60Hz refresh rate and Dolby Vision for sharper contrast and more brightness.

Lastly this category has HLG Display feature that gives you option for variable screen resolution. This feature is very effective if you have to adjust screen resolution thus playing with internet speed and energy consumption.

Regarding computing power, these LEDs have 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, and are powered by quad core A55 CPU and Mali G31 GPU. This seems to be adequate for this category and price range.

The series in this category includes U870, U871 and U872, with U872 being the latest and most advances.

Ecostar Smart 4K UHD LED TV

Lastly, this is the most advanced Ecostar LED lineup, that comes with 4K display with HDR 10 screen quality, that gives unparallel screen resolution, brightness, sharpness, and color contrast as compared with the rest of the categories. Also, these LED has ultra slim and sleek designs that would consume much lesser space and would improve your room aesthetics.

While rest of the features are same as those of Exostar Smart FHD LED TV, however, this category has much higher 2GB RAM, that would allow you to play heavier games and improve multi-tasking without crashing or lag.

This category includes series UD960 – UD963 with the latter being the latest and most advanced.

Sizes of Ecostar Smart LED TV

  • Ecostar Smart FHD LED TV comes with smaller sizes of 32, 40 and 43 inches.
  • While Ecostar Smart 4K LED TV comes with larger sizes of 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches.

Unparallel Ecostar LED price in Pakistan 2024

Ecostar 32 inch LED price in Pakistan starts form about Rs30,000, while Ecostar 32 inch Smart TV price in Pakistan starts form Rs31,000. The prices increases as sizes and specs increases. So, here is a full price list of Ecostar LEDs.


Warranty of Ecostar LED TVs

Ecostar comes with its official 2 years panel warranty all around Pakistan for all its models.


Ecostar LED lineup is straight forward. If you are looking LED just for cable use with lower budget we recommend Standard LED to you, but is you are looking for cable use but with better display and sound experience, you must go for Ecostar Sound Pro. However, there are not much size options in these two categories.

Likewise if you want Ecostar Smart TV for your bedroom or any smaller room, you can buy Smart UHD LED, but if you want bigger sizes for you living room or want higher resolution with better gaming experience, we recommend you its 4K Smart LED.