Orient Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

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The company is known for being one of the fastest growing Pakistani home appliances manufacturers and has a sound repute due to its high-quality products and innovative features. Now let’s take a look at some of the different types of orient washing machines that are available.

Series and sizes of Orient washing machine

Currently in 2023 Orient offers only fully automatic washing machines – known as twister series.

The twister series has 4 models that are:

  1. Twister 9050 (8 kg)
  2. Twister 1050 (9 kg)
  3. Twister 1150 (10 kg)
  4. Twister 1350 (12 kg)

All these models have same features except its sizes. They all vary in size from each other, so you must first select size of your machine according to your usage.

Price point

The most prominent feature about these machines is their comparatively lesser prices in the market with respect to other reputed brands in Pakistan. For instance, market price its 8 Kg model is about PKR 41,000, which is remarkably low. Its price is even lesser is you buy for shoppingjin. Here is complete price list of orient washing machines

Features of orient washing machine

Heavy duty specification:

The machines are designed to work in tough environments. The motor power of its model are:

Orient Automatic Washing Machine Models Motor Power (W)
Twister 9050 370
Twister 1050 390
Twister 1150 400
Twister 1350 400

One touch operation

With just one touch, you can start the machine and it will give the super wash facility.

LED display

The machines come with an LED display that makes it easy to see the progress of your wash cycle.

Water level options

You can choose the water level that you want, depending on the load size. It has 8 built in water level options.

Memory and child lock function

The machine has a memory function that remembers the last cycle you used. It also has a child lock function to prevent children from operating the machine

2 in 1 detergent box

The machine has a 2 in 1 detergent box that allows you to use both powder and liquid detergent.

Smart lint fillers

The machine comes with smart lint fillers that help to remove lint from your clothes.

high spin speed

The machines have a high spin speed, which means your clothes will be dry when they come out of the machine.

Orient Washing Machine Models Spin Speed (rpm)
Twister 9050 850
Twister 1050 850
Twister 1150 710
Twister 1350 680

Warranty and recommendation

Orient provides 10 years motor warranty for all its automatic washing machines which is competitive with other automatic washing machines brands.

Hope our detailed review and comparative analysis of different models have help you to select your required washing machine at best price.


Orient is a good brand when it comes to fully automatic washing machines. Above we have given detailed information about orient washing machines price in Pakistan and all the features that it offer against those features. This should help you make a decision when purchasing your next machine.

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