PEL AC Price in Pakistan

PEL ac price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 110,000 to Rs 544,900. Being offical dealer of PEL we offer their ac at the most afforable rates. So a good PEL ac from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 227,900. We sell geuine and origonal products of PEL whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of PEL.

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Pak Electron Limited, i.e. PEL, is a famous Pakistani home appliances brand that is renowned for its wide range of electric home appliances. PEL is also well known for its wide range of Air Conditioners that have innovative technology and effective cooling.

Here, we have described PEL AC price in Pakistan along with the value it offers in much comprehensive manner. So, have a look at different PEL AC series before you buy best PEL AC according to your requirements.

PEL AC Categories:

PEL manufactures complete range of domestic air conditioners which includes

  1. Wall Mount DC inverter AC
  2. Wall Mount Fixed Speed AC
  3. Floor Standing Fixed Speed AC
  4. Floor Standing DC inverter AC

Wall Mount PEL DC Inverter AC

A Series (Low Price Range)

This series includes four different models: Ace, Arctic, Aero plus, and Apex plus, all available in white color with relatively smaller indoor. Among all these, Aero plus is latest PEL DC inverter AC launched in 2021 and has a slightly bigger indoor.

This series has higher efficiency with EER 3.0 and twin rotary compressor that is much silent in its operation.

This is most economical series can save you Rs10,000 – Rs35,000 as compared to higher model.

Saver T3 (Low Price Range)

This model is launched in 2022 and have some of updated features. First of all, it works on T3 conditions to give cooling even at 50C. Secondly it has an Ampere Locking option that allows you to lock ampere input to AC, that can fix its electricity consumption and highly suitable for solar or UPS. It has energy efficiency of EER 3.0.

Due to its latest features its comparatively costly than A Series, yet it still falls in low price range bracket and considered as an economical AC.

ALPHA (Low Price Range)

This is the latest PEL DC Inverter AC with lighter and more efficient R32 refrigerant gas. It also has same energy efficient of EER 3.0. this model has anti rust coating on its condenser and evaporator that enhances its durability.

This is another cheap PEL DC inverter AC that can save you a lot of money.

Fit T3 Series (Mid Price Range)

Coming to more powerful inverter AC, PEL has its, perhaps most renowned AC, PEL Fit series. The former Fit series was upgraded to T3 AC standards that resulted in Fit T3 series. There are currently two models available in this series: Fit black and Fit silver, both having elegant finish.

This series has slightly higher energy efficient than low range series and have slightly bigger indoor and outdoor, i.e. of EER 3.2. It has twin rotary compressor and latest ampere locking option. This AC still offers very good value against its price.

Super T3 Pro (Mid Price Range)

This is another AC introduced in 2022 that has many innovative and unique features. Along with advance features like, T3 AC, anti-rust coating, higher efficient of EER 3.1 and ampere locking system, this AC has a six-stage air filter, that purifies the air that is being circulated in the room and eco gear train. However, due to its air filters, it has slightly lower air throw.

This is best PEL inverter AC with air filter in it and it falls in mid price range bracket, so offers great value for money.

Turbo DC – Ultra (High Price Range)

Now coming to PEL high end inverter models, first on our list is Turbo DC Ultra that has been upgraded in 2022. It also has three stage air filter, that purifies dust particles form room air. Also, it has eco gear mode that allows flexible electricity consumption. Furthermore, it has slightly higher energy efficiency of 3.4. Best thing about this AC is that it is 100% DC inverter AC that saves much energy and gives better cooling.

Jumbo DC Classic (High Price Range)

This is perhaps best most selling high end inverter ac that has a glossy finish dur to its glass panel. It is also 100% DC inverter that has much higher energy efficiency EER of 3.4 and has highest air flow rate. Furthermore, this model has biggest indoor among all PEL inverter AC.

Jumbo DC Prime (High Price Range)

This model is most advance PEL DC inverter ac that also is 100% DC inverter. It has built-in Wifi feature for smart access to your AC. Furthermore, it also has highest air flow rate, with highest energy efficiency EER of 3.5. This has twin rotary T3 compressor  and has eco-mode option as well.

All these features make it most expensive and most advance AC in the list.

Wall Mount PEL Fixed-speed AC


Majestic T3 is only PEL non inverter AC that if of cool only type. It has lower EER of 2.8, however has much efficient and lighter R22 refrigerant gas. This also has T3 compressor that giver powerful cooling ever in hot summers. It also has some of the common features like 4D air flow and auto clean evaporator option.

This is cheapest PEL AC that can save you over 30% price as compared to standard PEL inverter AC.

Floor Standing PEL DC Inverter

Alpine / Bold+:

These models have traditional cabinet outlook. While Alpine is latest PEL cabinet of 2022 with much bigger indoor, both Alpine an Bold + have same features. They are available in 2 Ton sizes only and have energy efficiency EER of 3.0. They have hydrophilic and gold fins. Furthermore, they are heat and cool type inverter.

Due to their simpler design and features, they are available in much cheaper price as compared to Supreme model.


This is high end PEL cabinet that has elegant curvy design and is also heat and cool type inverter. It has higher air flow and efficiency EER of 3.2 and is also available in only 2 Ton size. This high-end model is most expensive PEL cabinet.

Floor Standing fixed speed

Regal / Bold: These are two models in PEL non inverter cabinet category with same specifications with even similar outlook. The only difference is that Regal model is only available in 2-ton capacity while Bold is available in 2 ton as well as 4-ton sizes. Both has much efficient and lighter R22 refrigerant gas. They also have hydrophilic and gold fins. These are highly economical and cheapest PEL floor standing AC.

Features of Pel AC:

Energy Saving:

All PEL DC inverter ACs are at least 60% efficient. While efficiency of its mid range series is about 75% and its high end models is about 80%.

Low Voltage Start:

PEL inverter ACs can operate on voltage as low as 140V, making it suitable during energy fluctuations and for USP or solar usage.

Fast Cooling:

PEL claims that its fast-cooling technology cools room only in 30 seconds.


Some of the PEL ACs also comes with multi layered air filters. Its three-layered air filter is standard HEPA filter while its six layered filter includes additional three layers that gives even more protection and cleanliness.

Auto Clean

PEL’s ACs have auto clean evaporator technology that enhances evaporators’ life.

A+++ Technology

All PEL wall mount DC inverter ACs have A+++ technology according to international standards.

PEL AC price in Pakistan in year 2024

PEL AC prices are lower at Shoppingjin as compared to market. For instance, PEL 1 ton AC price starts from Rs91,000. PEL 1.5 ton AC price starts form Rs1,17,000. While for 2 ton AC PEL’s prices starts form Rs1,55,000. These prices are even higher for higher models.

Here is an updated list of PEL AC prices form Shoppingjin for comparatively price analysis.

PEL 1 Ton AC Price List Feb 2024



PEL Arctic DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton 12000 Btu Rs. 122,999
PEL APEX DC Inverter AC - 1 Ton 12000 Btu Rs. 122,999

PEL 1.5 Ton AC Price List Feb 2024



PEL Arctic DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 148,499
PEL APEX DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 148,499
PEL Jumbo DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 173,999
PEL ACE Ton DC Inverter AC - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 149,499

PEL 2 Ton AC Price List Feb 2024


PEL offers 10 years compressor warranty, 5 years PCB kit warranty and 1 year parts warranty for its wall mound DC inverter AC.

PEL non inverter wall mount AC and inverter cabinet has 3-year compressor and 1 year parts warranty.

While PEL fixed speed cabinet has 10 year compressor and 1 year parts warranty.


The PEL ac is a great choice for everyone who wants a good product with wide range of prices and options available. Hope our article helped you to comprehend PEL AC price in Pakistan and the features it offers against those prices.