Philips Trimmer Price in Pakistan

Philips trimmer price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 4,100 to Rs 32,500. Being offical dealer of Philips we offer their trimmer at the most afforable rates. So a good Philips trimmer from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 14,000. Some of these commonly sold trimmer includes, Philips Lady Shaver BRL130/00, Philips OneBlade QP210/50 Replaceable Blade, Philips OneBlade QP210/50 Replaceable Blade and Philips Hair Trimmer MG7750/49 Series 7000.

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Philips is a well-known brand in the world of grooming and personal care products, and their trimmers are no exception. In Pakistan, Philips trimmers come in a variety of options, including beard trimmers, hair clippers, the OneBlade, and shavers. Each of these options offers different features and specifications, making it easy to find the perfect trimmer for your needs.

Here, we will shed some light on these categories and Philips hair trimmers price in Pakistan that will help you select one.

Categories of Philips Trimmers in Pakistan

  1. Philips Beard Trimmers
  2. Philips Multi Groomers
  3. Philips Body Groomers
  4. Philips Nose (Hair) Trimmers
  5. Philips Aqua Touch Shavers

Philips Beard Trimmers

These are base-level trimmers with a head size suitable for beard hairs. These trimmers come with a couple of attachments to adjust the comb length.

Philips Multi Groomers

These trimmers have a couple of head attachments like shavers, nose hair trimmers, precision trimmers, body hair trimmers,s and many others – depending on the model. Thus these machines give an economical package and make your Philips hair trimmer multi-functional.

Philips Body Groomers

These are dedicated trimmers that come with a groomer’s head and an attachment comb that is used to body hairs like hairs of the chest, armpits, legs, arms, etc. These hair trimmers have slightly bigger heads and the power to give good performance.

Philips Nose Trimmers

These are also dedicated hair trimmers with nose heads that can be used to trim hairs of the nose, eyebrows, ears, etc. These trimmers have nozzle shape heads with a length attachment.

Philips Aqua Touch Shavers

These are perhaps the most famous hair trimmer by Philips, known as Aqua touch shavers. These savers have 5 directional heads with 3 shaving disks that dive a remarkable shave. And due to its state-of-the-art design, the save of this trimmer is unparalleled.

Also, this trimmer also has a regular head attachment that further complements the shaver head.

Philips Trimmer Price in Pakistan May 2023

As there are many models in each series, it becomes very confusing to estimate the price of Philips trimmers in Pakistan. But here are some factors on which the trimmer prices depend.

  1. Battery Power – as there are at least two variations of each model. one with a standard 45 minutes of battery time while the other with 60 minutes of battery time. The price difference in these variations is about PKR 1000 – 2500, depending on the model.
  2. Attachments – as there are some modules that have more attachment modules than their base models, so they have a slightly larger price, which is a couple of hundred rupees.

Here is an up-to-date list of Philips trimmer price in Pakistan

Selecting the Best Philips Trimmer

If you are confused about selecting your perfect Philips trimmer, watch this video.