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Realme was first launched under oppo as Oppo Real. Later it became a separate brand, and since then, it has become one of the fastest-growing mobile phone companies that have released a lot of smartphones since its debut. Unlike many other smartphone brands, this company does not seem to have a set yearly launch schedule.

RealMe Series

The price of RealMe mobiles depends greatly on the series we select for us, so let us have a look at the series

X Series

Realme X series counts in one of the premium lines of RealMe. X series is full of expensive models with top-quality processors, making them ideal for gamers. Some of them have six cameras, and the latest handsets run Android 10. The latest versions have a massive OS and hardware improvement over the previous version, making them the richest in Android features so far.

There are a variety of choices for customization and features. To be honest, Realme X’s design fits in with current industry trends, and there isn’t anything to complain about when it comes to building quality, especially when you consider the price.

GT Series

The Realme GT is a premium mobile series, one of the most famous and well-equipped series last year. Realme GT has a few handsets, but all of them are equipped with a premium Snapdragon888 chipset (Latest of 2023) and high-speed wired charging. The compact body designs make them simple to operate. The Realme GT’s series low price compared to features is what makes it stand out. The GT series is more than able to make up for the minor flaws that we found with the other Realme phones.

Narzo Series

Narzo Series phones feature a sturdy build, a large and bright display, a relatively fast processor, and a battery that lasts all day. Compared to previous RealMe handsets, it improved its mobile collection with the latest models of the Narzo series that come with triple camera configurations at the back, the primary camera with at least 50 Megapixels resolution, and a black and white sensor.

Some mobiles in this series also have a macro camera equipped with a large f/2.4 aperture. There was no night mode, and the cameras were average in quality in prior models but now they had overcome these issues. Realme Narzo series is super affordable but not meant for high-end gaming.

Number Series

The standard Realme Number series’ previous models can only connect to 4G networks. Although they are the cheapest RealMe mobiles but are still decent and well-rounded. These mobiles excel in performance and display, making them an excellent value for money.

These handsets allow you to access the next generation of data connectivity at a much lower price than other mobile phones. The latest 5G models have simple designs, decent processors, and a large display. The real draw of these phones is the 5G and price combination. Suppose you’re looking to get high-speed internet without spending a lot. In that case, it is worth considering the Realme Number series 5G models.

C Series

The design of the Realme C Series models is all identical. All the models come with a polycarbonate frame, a square-shaped camera module, and a borderless display with a waterdrop camera notch.

The Realme C series’ previous models were more affordable than the current ones. Still, those look better because of their unique color variants and lighter weight. Although C series models have the same display size, they have a smaller battery than their more expensive siblings. Realme C Series smartphone RAM starts from 2 GB and goes up to 8GB, perfect for everyday to advanced users.

Realme Mobile Phones 2023 Features

Some of the latest features of real me smartphones are listed below


The Realme number series massive hit with customers as they are quite budget-friendly. Other series might seem a bit expensive, but compared to the specs they offer, we might disagree.
Realme flagship models for 5G are astonishingly affordable devices. Despite being cheap than other brands, they still don’t compromise on premium specs & features. This makes Realme an excellent choice for people on a tight budget looking for a reliable smartphone.


All Realme number models are equipped with the highly sought-after quad-camera technology, which means you don’t have to spend a fortune to experience the latest innovations in design for smartphones. The latest Realme X and number series models come with an ultra-wide-angle lens with a portrait lens, macro lens, and standard front camera.

The other camera configuration varies depending on the model. However, you get more sensors with the more expensive models. The selfie camera is always around 32MP but has a larger aperture f/2.5.

Suppose you care about ultrawide shots and selfies. In that case, you should consider the Realme C, X, and Number series latest models. Realme X Series’ latest model has a 12MP 2x Telephoto lens and a periscopic camera. Making it unique from all other cell phone brands.

Powerful Chipset

All C series handsets have the same Helio SoC from MediaTek. One of the most powerful chipsets on the market and provides excellent CPU and GPU performance. HyperEngine technology makes it suitable for gaming.

The Realme X Series cellphones can run at nearly full speed on almost all games. PUBG Mobile can be played at more than 60 fps with the lowest settings. Switching to HDR graphics could make a significant difference in display. Still doing so will heat up your mobile a bit earlier. Helio G series Gaming Processor is featured in Realme’s number series models. They usually have a fast ~2.5GHz Cortex-A Series CPU and a powerful ARM G Series GPU.

Perfect for Gaming

Heavy gaming is where you can see the difference between a mid-range mobile and a high-end one. Realme offers a Game Space that allows you to manage all your preferences for performance, network, and even check your mobile stats in games.

You can trigger it from within a game by simply swiping from the top corner. This will give you quick access to your current phone status, thermals, CPU and GPU usage, and other information. Realme Mobiles comes with big batteries, usually around 5000-6000mAh capacities which is quite important for gamers.

Let’s be very clear.  Realme Narzo series isn’t meant for gaming. Narzo series models don’t have dual USB-C ports that gaming phones come with. So we would recommend that Instead of Narzo, you can go for the Number series, X series, and GT series for a smooth gaming experience.


The Realme mobile with the lowest battery capacity is 4,200mAh. The combination of OS optimizations and a well-designed chipset makes its battery life. one of the longest compared to any other phone.

We achieved an on-screen time of 6 hours at 120Hz with heavy usage, including gaming, data, and WiFi all day. We enabled push notifications, received calls, and also watched videos. And its battery still lasts a whole day with a full charge.

C series phones can last for a long time without being charged. They have a larger 6000mAh battery (instead of a regular 5000mAh).

The 5,000mAh battery in the Realme number series is likely to give you an extremely reliable all-day performance (and maybe even two days of usage) with a full battery.

Fast Charging

Realme’s tested and proven 30W Dart charging is available for charging. The charger charges the phone in just over an hour. Even while gaming, charging doesn’t slow down at all.


Realme Narzo series’ latest model comes with a 6.6-millimeter FHD plus displays with a resolution of 1080×2412 pixels. This display is configured to have an adjustable refresh rate that can reach 120Hz.

The Realme X premium comes with an all-glass design and Gorilla Glass 5. Comparatively to plastic-bodied phones, the Realme X models have a curved glass body.

Realme X has a large 6.53-inch AMOLED display with a good aspect ratio and full HD+ resolution. Even under direct sunlight, the display provides 450nits of peak brightness. OLED displays are excellent for blacks and contrasts.


Is it worth purchasing Realme?

The Realme phones are particularly budget phones with numerous options. They’re a direct rival against the Redmi phones from Xiaomi. Realme concentrates on the latest technology and a top camera and processor.

Do Realme phones have issues with heating?

When the temperature is extremely hot, or the phone is working using the weak internet signal for an extended period, it will cause energy consumption and heat.

What is the most excellent highlight of the Realme GT Series?

Realme claims the Realme GT 5G model to be the most powerful smartphone of 2021. Its main feature is its processor. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, making it the cheapest handset this SoC powers.


The Realme phones will be a great option if you need decent specs within a budget. Realme’s flagship premium line lacks some features such as wireless charging and waterproofing, still, these mobiles are a lot less expensive than other brands’ flagship models.

With the latest models in the Narzo series, you can enjoy excellent display and camera features, as they are equipped with decent features and powerful processors. C series and X series handsets come with excellent front and rear cameras and additional sensors.

The flagship line, the GT and X, is fitted with powerful processors that are perfect for gamers. Choosing what best suits you is up to you; whatever works for us does not imply working well for everyone. Basically, there is no wrong choice, so you do not have to worry about that. All Realme phones are pretty decent for their respective price ranges. Choose the combination of features that appeal to you.