Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Gas Geyser in Pakistan is Rs 17,500. Most expensive Gas Geyser can cost you around Rs 33,900 while a normal gas geyser can esaily be bought around Rs 23,200.

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Gas geysers are one of the oldest versions of geysers used in our homes from eras. Compared to electric geysers, these geysers save our bills by thousands. They might require a bit more time to heat the water as they usually come with a tank, but other options are also available.

Gas Geyser Types

This gas geyser can further be classified into two different types:

  • Storage gas geyser.
  • Instant gas geyser.

Storage Geyser

they are large cylindrical-shaped geysers that can keep running continuously for years. They usually have a large galvanized water storage tank with UV-resistant paint on the exterior.

You can buy it in various sizes. The largest one can supply up to 60 gallons of water at a time. The only valid drawback we see is that there is a slight delay in the initial warming up of these geysers compared to the others. (Approximate time needed for heating 25 gallons of water is about an hour). 


  • It can store Gallons of hot water for a large amount of time.
  • They save tons of money compared to electric geysers.
  • Ideal to be operated on Natural.

Instant Gas Geyser

Using this geyser, you can instantly heat a few liters (6-20) of water within a few minutes. They have a small tank that gets refilled continuously. This heated tank can provide designated liters of hot water in a single minute.

These types of geysers are more suitable for small families with little need for hot water. Natural gas and cylinder gas (LPG) can power this gas geyser.


  • It can heat water at a fast rate.
  • It can be operated on LPG.
  • Doesn’t require much space

Although we have instant gas geysers available in the market, whenever Pakistani people hear the word gas geyser, an image of a large storage gas geyser pops into their minds. so we would be discussing everything with respect to Storage Gas Geyser

Size of Gas Geyser:

Size plays an important part in geyser price. Gas geyser comes in various sizes. Traditional gas geyser sizes start from 15 gallons and go up to 60 gallons. In contrast, instant gas geysers are measured in terms of the hot water supplied per minute. They range from 5 liters up to 50 liters per minute.

Note: for 50 liters of water per minute, you would need a longer warm-up time than old bulky gas geysers.

Gas Geyser’s Extra Features

Below are a few extra features a gas geyser can provide. With the addition of each feature, its price is increased.

Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan


Self-starring a traditional gas geyser is always cumbersome. Well, there is good news for you; now, you can easily ignite your geysers with the self-ignition option.

Electric Heating Coils

Gas geysers are getting flopped as they operate on gas, reduced at night. Manufacturers have also included an electric coil option in the gas geyser. You can turn on an electric heating coil when you are out of gas. These are also called hybrid geysers.

Brands of Gas geysers in Pakistan:

There are many brands selling gas geysers in Pakistan. Nasgas, Super Asia, Canon, and Crown are the top-selling brands with quality products and reasonable prices. People get biased towards brand repo and pay an extra amount of money. We may suggest that those looking for prominent gas geysers compare them on multiple factors.

Price Range:

The price of gas geysers varies depending on the size and quality of the geyser. The minimum price for the gas geyser with 15 gallons tank is around PKR 22,000, and the large size (55 Gallon tank) may go up to 50,000.  

2023 Prices of Gas Geysers in Pakistan

Consideration Before Buying a Gas Geyser

Decisions for buying geysers shouldn’t be abrupt. There should be a whole working behind it. This helps in saving you costs and cutting unnecessary prices of the geysers. We will discuss a few factors you should consider while buying a geyser.


Buy a geyser that is easy on the pocket. We know that natural or LPG gas charges are lower than electricity, but their availability is scarce. In addition to that, the prices of LPG have been higher in a few reigns of Pakistan.


The capacity of a geyser is determined by the amount of water it can supply. They have a thermostat that helps us control the water’s required temperature. buying a geyser with the appropriate size is recommended because if we buy a large geyser without any need, it will consume more amount of gas to achieve the same level of heat than it would have consumed if its size was smaller 


Buy a geyser that comes with They can prove hazardous if not used properly. Gas geysers should be placed in an open area with an air passage. The traditional geysers emit pressures and gases from their bodies. Doing so will allow it to release them into the open air. It avoids chances of suffocation and explosion.


Besides brand name & price, the quality and features matter a lot too. So pick a heater that fits best for your needs & gives you the best value for your money. We tried our best to make your decision far more precise and beneficial. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us.