Meat Mincer Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Meat Mincer in Pakistan is Rs 10,900. Most expensive Meat Mincer can cost you around Rs 39,000 while a normal meat mincer can esaily be bought around Rs 18,200.

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A meat mincer is a meat grinder, a common kitchen appliance used to grind meat. They come in different sizes and styles, from small manual to large electric models. Meat mincer can help you to get rid of store-bought ground meat. If you want a new meat mincer for your kitchen, this buying guide should be in your consideration.

Types of Meat Mincers

Manual Meat Mincer

These are perfect for people who grind meat occasionally and have no issue while exerting extra effort during mincing. You have to twist and crank while feeding meat through the mincer. They are perfect for small-scale grinding tasks, which are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of space in their kitchen.

Electric Meat Mincer

They are best for those who grind meat regularly. Electric mincers have added power and versatility to grinder plates. They are available in various sizes and designs to meet users’ needs. These machines are equipped with a motor that drives the grinding mechanism, making the process faster and easier. All you need to do is feed the chunks of meat in the feeding chute, which does all the grinding work. Electric machines are convenient and efficient.

How Does A Meat Mincer Work?

A meat mincer is a kitchen appliance that may look complex when it comes to working, but it’s designed to perform one task of mincing. This machine is simple to use. Meat is placed into a feed tube and pushed through a screw conveyor and cutting plate. It determines the size of the meat cuts. Once the meat is grounded and pushed out of the grinder at the back, all meat grinders come with various plate attachments to help you get the meat of desired texture. They can be used for fine chopping.

What Things To Consider While Buying Meat Mincer?

There are the following considerations for buying a meat grinder:


Some Meat mincers are built with a variation of 350W motor while others provide powerful motor of 700W. You can grind 200 lbs of meat per hour in high-end machines in Pakistan.

Grind Quantities

A larger mincer serves the purpose of prepping large batches of meat while saving you time. It holds more power and grinds the meat faster than small types.


Meat mincers are heavy-duty tools, so finding one made from hard material is essential. Check the appliance’s grinding and cutting blade with more durable stainless steel. If you can find a meat grinder with a stainless steel body, that’s even better. Plastic bodies may be cheaper but will cost you more.


Most meat grinders will come with various grinding plates and attachments to cut your meat with the right texture and consistency.

Comparison of Manual Meat Mincer Vs. Electric Meat Mincer

Manual Meat Mincer Electric Meat Mincer
Simple design Convenient to use
Easy to setup Process a variety of meat
Affordable Keep you safe
Full control Maximum power

Price Analysis of Meat Mincers in Pakistan

The price of meat mincers in Pakistan can vary depending on the brand and feature of the appliance. Here is the general analysis of different types:

  • Manual meat mincers are affordable and easily accessible to everyone.
  • Electric meat mincers are available at high-end prices because these machines have different power ranges and functionalities to give the best results.

Lowers Meat Mincer Prices in Pakistan

Here are unbeatable prices of all meat mincers of different brands in Paksitan



Geepas Meat Grinder GMG746Rs. 11,499
Panasonic Meat Grinder MK-MG1360 1300 WattsRs. 24,500
Geepas Meat Grinder GMG-1910Rs. 14,999


These are the specs of meat mincers in Pakistan that everyone should know. Every brand has a specific model and features of meat mincer, and pricing varies related to these features. Visit to view the latest models and prices to grab your mincer at the lowest prices.