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Best Heater in Pakistan:

With the advent of winter, a heater is a must thing to have at every house in Pakistan. Over the past few years, heating technology has rapidly improved in Pakistan. people have moved from gas heaters to electric heaters. The accidents and adverse health effects produced due to gas burning have been reduced significantly by Electric heaters. A few of the electric heater advantages include less electricity consumption, warming yours indoor in less amount of time, eco-friendly, less space consumption, etc. These heaters have advance operations and safety features

Types of Heaters in Pakistan:

There are mainly 3 types of heaters available in Pakistan. These include gas heaters, electric heaters, and hybrid (gas and electric) heaters.

Gas Heater:

These heaters are in history. They came in different sizes according to plate structure. Structure includes single plate, 2 plates and 4 plates.

Gas and Electric Heater:

With the rapid advancement in electric heating technology, a combination of both (gas and electricity) came into existence. This technology is still unstable and requires more time to mature. This heating method hasn’t overcome the burning of oxygen yet.

Electric Heater:

These heaters are divided into below categories
  1. Fan Heater
  2. Halogen Heater
  3. Quartz Heater
  4. Ceramic Heater
  5. Parabolic Heater
  6. Carbon Heater
  7. Dish Heater
These room heaters are best for heating indoors in a short amount of time and save electricity efficiently. Fan heaters are often used for centralised heating of halls and large rooms. Quartz heaters are mostly used for outdoor heating. The ceramic heater provides you smell free natural heated air. Dish heaters are excellent for big halls, it heats the hall in no time. Carbon tube heaters are the most electric efficient heaters that operate at 100 watts.

Heater Price in Pakistan:

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