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Types of Fully Automatic Washing  Machine:-

  • Fully-automatic washing machines: A fully-automatic washing machine does everything at the touch of a button. This washing machine comes with a single tub that acts as a washer, dryer and also rinses the clothes. These can come as front and top load machines, and the programs and efficiency can also vary between the machines, depending on the brand.
  • Semi-automatic washing machines: Unlike the fully-automatic washing machines, semi-automatic washing machines are only partially automatic washing machines. This means that you will need to do some parts manually, like fill up the water in the tub before starting the machine, or if you have a twin-tub semi-automatic washing machine, you’ll need to move the washed clothes into the drying tub. These are always going to be top loading.
  • Front load washing machines: A front load washing machine is a fully-automatic washing machine that loads from the front side. These machines usually consume less water and energy, and usually yield better laundry results than their top load counterparts.
  • Top load washing machines: Both manual washing machines and fully-automatic washing machines come in a top load form. These kinds of machines are loaded from the top. This is good for people who want a machine in which they don’t need to bend down completely to load the clothes in the machine. Fully-automatic top load washing machines usually take up less space, so they’re good for people looking to fit a washing machine into a narrower space.

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