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Best Semi Automatic Washing Machine in Pakistan

Semi-automatic washings are those which have separate tubs for washing and drying purpose. Clothes are washed in one tub and then you have to manually transfer the clothes to the other tub. The 2nd tub dries the washed clothes with spinner.

Here we will review the best semi-automatic washing machines available in Pakistan. There are national as well as international brands dealing in these washing machines. We will cover both types of brands and models here.



Super Asia SA-244 Twin Tub Review

With the features like rust prof and shock proof plastic body, this Super Asia 8 KG Model SA-244 is a twin tub semi-automatic washing machine.

Its movable try provides a great comfort and ease to woman while thy wash the clothes of their households.

With the comfort of water drain knob, you can easily drain the water whenever required, it also provides a leakage free experience.

The energy saving feature and 2 way inner handle are a great reason that one should go for this semiautomatic washing machine.

It is a product of Super Asia Pakistan which is a well-known home products company in Pakistan for many years.

Haier HWM 75-AS Semi Automatic

Haier is producing the best quality of home appliances for long. They started producing and marketing washing machines in Pakistan since long.

This Haier HWM 75-AS is one their flag shine semi automatic washing machine with the features like Lint Filter and Virgin plastic body.

With a capacity of 7.5 KG, it is enough for small house hold of 5 to people.

The white cabinet with compact design makes it one of the good looking washing machines available in the market.


Kenwood KWM-950SA Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Kenwood is an international company dealing with home appliances for long. They have a variety of quality home appliances including washing machines available in Pakistan.

The 3rd in the list best washing machine in Pakistan we are going to review is from Kenwood and it is their KWM-950SA model.

With the heavy duty motor noise less motor, this model of kenwood attracts users. The body is made of full plastic which provides strong grip.

The big pulsator provides strong spin while washing clothes and hence cleans every dirt and stain on the clothes