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Different Cooking Appliances

Shoppingjin brings you to buy different kitchen cooking appliance of different brand in Pakistan. Which is helping you in baking and cooking for delicious taste in food at home.

Few Applaince are given below:

  1. Cooking Range
  2. Hood
  3. Tandoor
  4. Gas Stove

Cooking Brand

Some Brands are given below which is providing cooking appliances:

Cooking Range:

Nasgas gives us two type of cooking range one is single door & other is double door. Few Models of the cooking Range are following;

  1. Nasgas Cooking Range SG 324 (Single Door)

  2. Nasgas Cooking Range DG 534 (Double Door)

  3. Nasgas Cooking Range NG 786 (Single Door)


Hood is very important for every kitchen. It will cover up gas stove and cooking range. Due to this the steam in the kitchen will control through it. It will be helpful for every cooker in the kitchen. Some models are given below:

  1. Nasgas Kitchen Hood KHP 250

  2. Nasgas Kitchen Hood KHD 320


Tandoor is make the best taste in the bread. It will specially use for baking breads (roti). Pakistani eat it with joyfully due to its taste, and in Pakistani language this  bread is known as “tandori roti”. Few tandoor are following;

  1. Canon Gas Tandoor GTN 100

  2. Canon Gas Tandoor GTN 20

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Price of Cooking Appliance in Pakistan

Shoppingjin offers you these cooking appliances are best price in Pakistan, which is affordable for up to middle class community.