Boss 6550-BS-S Washing Machine (7.5Kg)

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Wash Capacity: 7.5 Kg

Spin Capacity: 5 Kg

Rated wash power: 200 W
Rated spin power: 180-200

Twin Tub

Timer: 15/05 Minutes

1-Year Motor Warranty

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD

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Brand: Boss

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Introducing the Boss 6550-BS-S Twin Tub Washing Machine – an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and efficient washing machine. Moreover, it has a timer with both 15 and 05-minute options, making it perfect for those with busy schedules. Additionally, it has a rated wash power of 200 W and a rated spin power of 180-200, ensuring that your clothes come out spotless and well-spun. Furthermore, this washing machine has an inner bucket and outer case material of CO-PP, providing durability and resistance to wear and tear. Moreover, it has a rated wash capacity of 7.5 kg and a rated spin capacity of 5 kg, perfect for a family’s laundry needs. In addition,

Key Features

Capacity Wash 7.5 Kg, Spin 5 Kg
Power Washing 200W, Spin 180W
Color White
Motor Warranty 1 Year
Inner Bucket Material CO-PP
Outer case Material CO-PP
Gross Weight 23 Kg
Net Weight 26 Kg
Timer 15/05 Minutes
Product Dimension 774×411×863mm



Washing Machine Shape

Washing Machine Tub Size



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