Canon Instant Gas Geyser 16D Plus – 6 Liter

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Overheating & dry burn protection

Two ignition pins, much safer

Ignition failure protection

Flame-out protection

Wind back protection

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Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Canon
Collection: Canon Geyser

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This Instant Gas Geyser 16-D has three key safety features to ensure optimal fire protection. The first is flame-out protection that boosts fire resistance and minimizes the risk of gas leaks, as well as battery Auto-Ignition for safe operation in all weather conditions. This geyser also features wind back protection that prevents you from accidentally blowing out the flame when removing pans or opening doors.

Additionally, this grill includes an 80% energy-saving provision to limit both expenses and emissions. With these technologically advanced safety provisions, no need to worry about accidents.

Product Details:

Brand Canon
Capacity 1 Bathroom & 1 Kitchen
Instant Yes
Heat Exchange 1Kg(pure copper-coated zinc)
Pressure Zero pressure valve(solenoid with copper wire)
Front painting thickness 0.60mm
Grey Base painting 0.50mm
Water pip 11mm
Diameter 0.40thick
Height 19mm
Width 570 mm
Depth 330 mm
Net weight 5.50Kg

Other Features:

  • Ultra-low water-pressure start system.
  • 9.80% Energy Saving.
  • Battery Auto-Ignition.
  • Silver paint cover.
  • Grey bottom cover.
  • Capacity 6 Liters.

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5 reviews for Canon Instant Gas Geyser 16D Plus – 6 Liter

  1. Osama Noor (verified owner)

    Boht zabardast product hy! Beautifully designed.

  2. Qasim Amjad (verified owner)

    Best Quality Nice Product Delivered on Time Is se zada r kiya chaye….:)

  3. Iftikhar Mustafa (verified owner)

    An incentive for Cash. Requested 2 fountains. Got at a limited cost. Conveyed at the doorstep with free conveyance.

  4. Fatima Tuz Zahra (verified owner)

    Amazing Product. Very good quality /performance. Very easy to install an operate.. Water Temperature up to 65c°.. Very use full in winter as well as in spring season.

  5. rehan munir (verified owner)

    Amazing Look and quality wise is best.

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