Dawlance DWT 270 S LVS+

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Capacity – 10Kg.

38% Energy Saving.

Low Voltage. Start – 150V.

10 Years Warranty.

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Dawlance
Category: Washing Machine

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Dawlance DWT 270 S LVS Plus comes with durability and maximum quality to provide your proper complete cleaning. Dawlance DWT 270 S LVS+ is an excellent choice for your daily laundry. Dawlance 270 lvs provides a significant amount of Energy Saving. It also operates on Low voltage such as 150 V. Dawlance DWT 270 S LVS+ provide a complete cleaning. It has a sizeable extended capacity that provides optimized cleaning results that you have never experienced before.

Dawlance DWT 270 LVS Features:

  • Extended Capacity for a Normal Sized Household
  • Glass Door
  • LVS can operate at a voltage as low as 150 Volts
  • Saves up to 38% Energy
  • Triple Waterfall Technology
  • Extreme Plus Air Dryer
  • Pro Fabric Drum
  • Warranty: 1-year parts + 3 Years PCB + 10 years Motor Warranty

Dawlance 270 LVS Specifications:

Wash Heavy loads without worrying about voltage fluctuation. Dawlance LVS series brings a wiser option to the shelf so that electricity problems don’t get in the way of neat and clean clothes.

With the LVS Series, you get effective washing performance on as low as 150 volts, along with an energy saving of 38%.

  • It is durable, that’s why it comes with a 10 Year Warranty.
  • It has a larger extended Capacity with a large volume with a compact size.
  • It has a Pro Fabric Drum that results in soft rubbing of Strains & makes Clothes Last Longer.
  • It has New Triple Water Technology that has Three Waterfalls Inside. The tub helps detergent penetrate deeper Into the Fabric dissolves detergent completely that Provide Complete Stain Removal.
  • It has an Energy-saving Capacity of up to 38 %, which results in a prominent reduction in the bill and is suitable for medium soiled daily laundry.
  • It also operates on low voltage with Effective Wash Performance On 150 Volts Protection Against Prolonged Exposure.
  • It also has Glass Touch Control Panel Display.
  • It has Digital Panel with a buzzer, lid, glass door, and soft Closing Door. It also has a compact tub with a water inlet, recycled, and clean tub function. It can also operate on Unbalanced Load Control.

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