Electrolux Jade 1ton/1.5ton/2ton Heat & Cool DC Inverter AC

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4 Way Airflow
UPS Enable
Anti Corrosion 100% Copper
Self Cleaning
Energy Efficient
Operates In Up to 55°C
Turbo Cooling

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The Electrolux Jade Inverter AC ensures instant comfort with Turbo Heat & Cool. Featuring an LVS + LVR Compressor, it adapts to voltage fluctuations. Enjoy 4D Airflow for uniform cooling, and save energy with Eco Mode. Intelligent Sensing Auto Mode adjusts settings effortlessly. Experience tranquility with Low Noise operation. Robust PCB ensures reliability and Hydrophilic Evaporator & Condenser combat humidity. Achieve maximum energy efficiency without compromising power. With health-focused features and anti-fungal properties, this AC ensures pure and revitalizing air. It works efficiently even in scorching temperatures up to 55°C, making it a resilient choice for any climate.

Features of Electrolux Jade Inverter AC

  •  Turbo Heat & Cool: Instantly adjust to your desired temperature, whether it’s a chilly evening or a scorching day with Electrolux Jade Inverter AC.
  •  LVS + LVR Compressor (145 Volts): Your AC adapts to voltage fluctuations, ensuring consistent performance and durability.
  •  4D Airflow: Enjoy uniform cooling in every nook and cranny of your room, thanks to our advanced 4D air circulation technology.
  •  Energy Efficient Eco Mode: Save on energy bills without compromising comfort.
  •  Intelligent Sensing Auto Mode: Let the AC take charge. It intuitively adjusts settings based on the room temperature for hassle-free cooling.
  •  Low Noise: Experience tranquility with our low-noise operation.
  •  Robust PCB: Our sturdy Printed Circuit Board ensures reliable and long-lasting performance, adding to the durability of your AC.
  •  Hydrophilic Evaporator & Condenser: Stay worry-free about humidity and fungus.
  •  Maximum Energy Efficiency: Embrace energy savings without compromising on cooling power.
  •  Health Efficient: Breathe easy knowing that the air you breathe is pure and revitalising thanks to our health-focused features.
  •  Anti-Fungus: Say goodbye to allergies.​ The AC’s anti-fungal properties maintain a healthy indoor environment, reducing the risk of respiratory issues.
  • Works up to 55°C: No matter how high the mercury rises, our AC keeps it cool. It operates efficiently even in scorching temperatures up to 55°C.

Product Specification:

Specification 1 Ton 12000BTU 1.5 Ton 18000BTU 2 Ton 24000BTU
Rated cooling capacity Btu/h 12000(3410~12450) 18000(4094~19107) 24000(4947~24225)
Rated heating capacity Btu/h 12000(3410~12285) 18500(4094~18766)
ER for cooling W/W 3.02 W/W:3.3 W/W: 3.3
Power supply 220-240V~/50Hz/1P
Voltage Range V187-265 V165~265 V 165~265
Current Cooling A 5.4(1.4~6.3) 7.3(1.4~12.0) 10.3(1.7~12)
Power input CoolingW1165(310~1385) Cooling W 1599(300~2550) Cooling W 2150(350~2500)
Refrigerant kgR410A/0.63kg kg R410A/1.19kg kg R410A/1.36kg
Air Flow Rate m3/hr 530 m3/hr 1100 m3/hr 1100
Suitable Room area m2 15-23 m2 20~35 m2 27~45
Net dimensions (W x D x H)
Indoor mm 777×250×201 1010×315×220 1010×315×220
Outdoor mm 777×290×498 853×349×602 920×380×699
Net weight Indoor kg8 Indoor kg 13 Indoor 13 kg
Outdoor kg22 kg28 37 kg

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Original price was: ₨180,000.Current price is: ₨163,999.

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