Gree Refrigerator Flower-CB1 8890GR

Honey Comb Crisper
Right Door Hinge
Concealed Handle
Door Lock
Adjustable Shelves
Beverage Bottle Rack

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Brand: GREE
Collection: GREE Refrigerator

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Product Details

  • Product Specifications
  • Deep Cooling -25C 5 Way Evaporator
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Turbo Cooling Super Huge Freezer Space
    Because of the thicker insulation used in low voltage processes, more cooling is retained.
  • Dual-Adjustable Multi-Purpose Bottle Rack
  • Ice Cube Trays with No Spills
  • With Wheels Crisper Box
  • In the freezer compartment, there is an LED light.
  • Airflow that is constantly changing
  • Anti Bacterial Gasket for Ice Cube Tray Lid Humidity Controller
  • Honey Comb Crisper 4 Star Rating Thick ABS Material
  • Adjustable Shelves Right Door Hinge Concealed Handle Door Lock
  • Adjustable Thermostat Beverage Bottle Rack Ice Scratcher Dynamic Fan
  • Crisper Refrigerator Movement Wheels with Mini Compartment

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All Units Sold

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