Japanese Setsutensho 400W/800W/1200W Halogen Heater

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400/800/1200 Watt halogen tubes.

Oscillation feature.

Super durable.

Tip-Over safety.

Handy lightweight.

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Category: Halogen Heater

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Japanese Setsutensho Halogen Heater has become one of the most energy-efficient and affordable means of heating a room. Halogen heaters have many other benefits too. This Japanese Halogen heater is easy to use, heat up quickly, is portable, has additional features, and is finished with an aesthetically pleasing design.

If you want to buy a halogen heater, then the Japanese Setsutensho Halogen Heater is an excellent choice because it is Portable, has an Upright 3 Bar that provides instant heat. This portable heater has been optimized to be safe, efficient while still being effective at heating space. Moreover, you can use the heater to warm a wide variety of spaces, including your in-door home space, the garage, a caravan, home, and much more.

Product Details:

Type Halogen Heater
Heating Power 400/800/1200 Watt
Heating Level 3
Instant Heating Yes
Overheat Protection Yes
Adjustable Thermostat Yes
ECO Friendly Yes
Portable Handy Yes
Safety Cut-Off Yes
Overheat Protection Yes
Adjustable Thermostat Yes

Japanese Halogen Heater Specification:

  • Power 400W/800W/1200W
  • Three independent heating element
  • Automatic tilt
  • Automatic turn On & Off System in case of tilt
  • Protection from Overheating
  • ECO Friendly
  • Top Handle

Japanese Halogen Heater Features:

Below are some of the features of the Japanese Halogen Heater:

Lightweight Construction

This three-bar quartz halogen heater has made it lightweight to improve its portability. Users can move the heater around with ease. Significantly, lightweight characteristics do not affect the durability and sturdiness of the unit.

Heat Resistant Handle

To aid the portability capability of this heater, it has a top-mounted heat-resistant handle. You can, therefore, handle and move the heater, even right after shutting down the heating.

Energy Efficient

The Japanese Setsutensho heater Portable Upright 3 Bar Halogen Electric Heater has been designed to be energy-efficient and economical to run. With this heater, you do not have to spend a fortune to keep your house toasty warm.

Two Power Setting

The three-bar quartz halogen heater has two power settings  400W, 1200W. The different settings allow users to match the heat output of the heater you need. Notably, users can match heat output with the space they need to warm.

Safety Features

This heater has an auto-cut-out feature incorporated into the tip-over switch. Despite the heater being exceptionally stable, you do not have to worry about an accident occurring if the heater tips over. It will simply shut off.


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