Nasgas Room Gas Heater DG-001 Deluxe

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Single Large Burning Plate with Auto ignition.

Burner plate designed for optimal heat.

Anti-rust and anti-spill safety grill.

Save on expensive energy bills.

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Brand: Nasgas
Collection: Nasgas Heater
Category: Gas Heater

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This heater is gas-operated and provides maximum heat in all corners of the room, emitting a radiant heating effect to maintain your living space comfortable for both you and your family. With our practical design that emphasizes peak performance without unnecessary clutter, you’ll also find this heater very easy to use with wide-opening doors on top for better access, as well as wheels on the bottom to move it around quickly. There is no need for an electrical outlet or generator with this specific heater, and it can be placed anywhere in the room. As time passes, turning on the heater consumes more fuel, so you will save up lots of money due to constant use when turned off.

Other Features:

  • Stay warm all winter through the cold weather.
  • Get heated fast and safely.
  • Save on expensive energy bills.
  • Heat any room in minutes.
  • Smart And Stylish.

features Basic Features

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 8 × 14 × 16 mm

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All Units Sold

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