NTN Plus Fish Electric Heater 400W/800W

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Beautiful Fish Design.

Noise Free.

Super Energy Saving.

400W-800W Power.

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD


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Brand: NTN
Category: Electric Heater

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Quartz heating is a type of radiant heating, commonly referred to as short wave infrared heating. Radiant heating uses infrared waves to directly heat the surfaces of objects. All objects emit and absorb infrared heat, which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum with a frequency below visible light. Hotter objects will radiate more of this heat. This is the basis of the technology for most quartz heaters. Quartz Heater or Infrared heaters provide gentle heating to the skin and comforts you from freezing cold.

Product Details:

Power 400W-800W
Heating Level 2
Heating Element Halogen
Heating Power 1
Oscillation Moving No
Adjustment High & Low
Reflector No
High & Low Power Adjustable
Wide Angle Oscillation No
Back Lock No
Protection Grill Yes
Energy Saving Yes
ECO Friendly Yes
Noise Free Yes


  • Infrared Heating
  • Power Setting
  • High & Low Adjustable
  • Long Life
  • Wide Angle Oscillation Function
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Heating Range
  • High & Low Adjustable Reflector
  • ECO Friendly
  • Noise Free

Heating Levels

Heater Watts

Shipping Jin offers best prices of NTN Plus Fish Electric Heater 400W/800W in Pakistan. This NTN Electric Heater comes with origonal claimable NTN warranty. If you have any furthur issues regarding warranty, feel free to contact us. We will always provide you the Lowest Price of Electric Heater all over the pakistan

5 reviews for NTN Plus Fish Electric Heater 400W/800W

  1. Hamza Ali Joiyah (verified owner)

    Excellent Product

  2. Iftikhar Mustafa (verified owner)

    Delivered safely. Working fine. The performance will be checked after use.

  3. arslan sheikh (verified owner)

    Compact hand warmer as displayed on orignal item. Strongly suggested 🙂

  4. bilal saeed (verified owner)

    Delivery on time. The packing is good and performing very smooth. I will give max star

  5. Bisma Kahlid (verified owner)

    Delivered safely. Working fine. The performance will be checked after use.

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