PEL Arctic Crystal Deep Freezer PDC 70-130

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370 Liters Capacity

Rapid cooling technology

Maximum cooling retention

Mechanical Thermostat

Copper Tubing, evaporators & Condensers Pipes

Condenser Forced Draft

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: PEL
Collection: PEL Deep Freezer
Category: Deep Freezer

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PEL Arctic Crystal Deep Freezer’s rapid cooling technology is a must these days as it ensures that your food lasts longer before you consume it. This way you are prepared for anytime hunger strikes because you can be sure that what you put in the freezer earlier will not have altered in taste and quality by the time you get to have it. You can safely know that if you freeze your food earlier, it’ll still taste and look the same by the time you get to eat it. This means you can prepare for whenever hunger strikes because of how this technology ensures that your food lasts longer.

Product Specification:

Capacity 370 Liters
Voltage/Frequency 220/50 Volts/Hz
Power Consumption 183 Watt
Refrigerant    R-134a
Current Consumption 1.5 Ampere
Interior Light No
Dimensions 950 x 740 x 1255 mm
Net Weight 58 kg
Condenser Forced Draft
Manfc Part # PDC70-130
Warranty 3 Years Compressor Warranty

Product Description:

  • PEL uses a special ultra-rapid cooling system that they claim freezes fruits and vegetables in minutes.
  • This preserves the natural taste, vitamins, and minerals of your food.
  • It is easy to keep frozen food stored for months without compromising the taste and nutrients.
  • PEL has the latest technology in terms of appliances.
  • The PEL PDC 70-130 Arctic Crystal Deep Freezer has a stylish look too.
  • A useful tip is to separate your food into small batches and freeze it in smaller containers.
  • This will make it easier for you to find what you need when you need it.
  • Temperature Range of -30 to -10 Degrees
  • Defrost Cycle of 1 Day
  • Use Timer of 10 Hours
  • Air Filter of Active Carbon Filter


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All Units Sold

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