PEL InverterOn 24K SUPER T3 PRO 2 Ton Inverter AC

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Heating & Cooling

Low Voltage Startup Even at 155V

Hyper Cooling even at 50°C

Up to 60% Energy Efficient

Self Cleaning Feature

4D Air Flow (Call in every direction)

T3 DC Compressor

10 Years Compressor Warranty

02 Years PCB Kit Warranty

01-Year Parts Warranty

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
Delivery: In 1-2 working days with COD


Brand: PEL
Collection: PEL AC
Category: Inverter AC

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The Super T3 PRO Air Conditioner can provide great comfort during the summer months. It can save energy as well as provide cooling for your home. It can reduce the temperature of your home up to 50 degrees Celsius. This product can be controlled with a remote. The AC can also run at a lower speed for better energy consumption. You can install this product in any room.

Product Details:

SPECIFICATION 12K Super T3 Pro 18K Super T3 Pro 24K Super T3 Pro
Rated Capacity – Cooling 3520(1020~3860) 5200(1200~5650) 7034(2000~8000)
Rated Running Current – Cooling 5.4(1.0~7.5) 7.9(1.4~12.1) 10.4(1.4~12.0)
Maximum Current 10A                                                         13A
Rated Power Cooling 1173(215~1600) 1733(300~2700) 2269(300~2650)
Maximum Power 1720 W 2500 W 2750 W
Seasonal / Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER/EER)                                                          3.1 W/W 3.2 W/W
Power Supply Source                                                                      1Ph-220-240V~50Hz
Refrigerant R410a R410a/1300 Gas
Air Flow Volume 550 m3/h 800 m3/h 1100 m3/h
Outdoor Noise Level 52 dB(A) 49 dB(A) 49/56 dB(A)
Indoor Unit Weight (Net ) 8.5 Kg 10.5 Kg 14 Kg
Outdoor Unit Weight (Net ) 21.5 Kg 34 Kg 37 Kg
Net Dimension – Indoor (WidthxDepthxHeight) 790×275×192 mm 920×306×195 mm 1100×332×222 mm
Net Dimension – Outdoor (WidthxDepthxHeight) 777×290×498 mm 853×349×602 mm 920×380×699 mm
Compressor Warranty                                                                                10 Years
PCB Warranty                                                                                 5 Years
Parts Warranty                                                                                  1 Year

Detail Specifications:

PEL InverterOn 24K SUPER T3 PRO has powerful cooling up to 50°C Ambient temperature has a 4D Air Flow for homogeneous cooling across the room automatically cleans the AC & Eliminates Moisture Flexible Electricity Consumption. This is easy to install and offers a flexible electricity consumption system, which allows for energy savings and optimizes the performance of the air conditioner. This can also automatically cleans the evaporator and removes moisture.

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  1. Flower Salman (verified owner)

    AC working perfectly fine, cooling is great.

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