WestPoint WF-408 1 Liter Cordless Kettle

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Cordless design

Stainless Steel Heating Element

Generous 1 Liter Capacity

Nylon Removable Filter

Safety Locking Lid

Automatic/Manual Switch Off

On/Off Switch

Evaporator/Overheat Protection

Powerful 1850 Watts

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Brand: Westpoint
Category: Electric Kettle

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Introducing the WF-408 Cordless Kettle—seamless convenience with its cordless design, auto shut-off at boiling point, and a 1-liter capacity, delivering efficient boiling and safety in a compact package.

Features of WestPoint WF-408 1 Liter Cordless Kettle

  • Cordless design for easy filling and pouring convenience
  • Stainless Steel Heating Element ensures efficient and quick heating
  • Generous 1 Liter Capacity meets various boiling needs
  • Nylon Removable Filter for easy maintenance and clean water
  • Safety Locking Lid ensures secure handling during use
  • Automatic/Manual Switch Off for user convenience and safety
  • Auto Shut Off when water reaches boiling point for energy efficiency
  • On/Off Switch with Light Indicator for clear operation status
  • Evaporator/Overheat Protection enhances safety during use
  • Powerful 1850 Watts, 220 – 240V – 50/60Hz for rapid and reliable performance.

Specifications of WestPoint WF-408 1 Liter Cordless Kettle

Warranty 2 years
Capacity 1 Liter
Heating Element Stainless Steel
Nylon Removable
Lid Type
Safety Locking Lid
Automatic/Manual Switch Off
Auto Shut Off
Yes (when water reaches boiling point)
On/Off with Light Indicator
Safety Features
Evaporator/Overheat Protection
Power 1850 Watts

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