Boss ECM 6500 IB Ice Box Air Cooler

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180 Watt Power

Ice Box Compartment

White & Blue Color

Manual Control

355/14 Inch Fan

Plastic Body

1 Year official warranty

Condition: Brand New
Warranty: Original Brand Warranty
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Brand: Boss
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Quality of Air

The quality of air from an air cooler is largely dependent on the type of cooler, the quality of the filter, and maintenance. High-quality air coolers use advanced filters to remove pollutants from the air while providing efficient cooling. Regular maintenance, including cleaning the filters and water tanks, is essential to maintain clean and fresh air.

Empty Tank Alarm

An empty tank alarm is a useful feature found in some air coolers. It alerts users when the water tank is running low, preventing damage to the unit’s motor and pump, and ensuring efficient operation. The alarm sounds when the water level is low, reminding users to refill the tank.


Boss ECM 6500 IB  Air Cooler comes with a 1-year official motor warranty.


Product details:

Product Brand BOSS
Model ECM 6500 IB
Power 180 watts
Operating Voltage / Source 230 V
Controller Manual
Performance & Specifications
Water Capacity 56 liters
Cooling Area (m3/ft3) 113/40000
Fan Type Propeller Fan
Fan Diameter (mm/inch) 355/14
Cooling Medium Honeycomb
Body Color White
Dimensions L 520 X W 440 X H 1000 mm
Weight 11 kg
Build Plastic Body
Auto Louver moment Yes
Empty Tank Alarm Yes




Air Cooler Features

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All Units Sold

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