TV Price in Pakistan

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There is a huge demand of tv in Pakistan. Price of tv is quite afforable, when you buy from us. Our large varierty of tv will definitely fullfill need of any Pakistani.


The media industry has faced a massive revolution in the 21st century. Tv is an integral part of this revolution. A Lot of different variants have been immersed in the market.

Tv has evolved from a single bulky box to a slim and sleek paper-like display machine attached to a wall-like scenery. Today almost everyone has shifted from those large bulky machines containing cathode ray tubes to liquid crystal displays, a.k.a. LCD.

These LCDs have a lot of variation within them, comprising the below types.

  • Simple LCD (Old)
  • Simple LED (New)
  • OLED (Latest)
  • Curved LED (For gaming)
  • Smart LED (some mobile features)
  • Android LED (More than Smart) 

We have listed all their details in their respective sections, so feel free to visit those pages.

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