Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

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Washing Machine price in Pakistan starts from RS 9,900. Average selling price of washing machine is RS 53,800. We give lightning fast delivery of washing machine in all major cities of Pakistan, specially in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad & Karachi.

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Washing machines are generally one of the compulsory items in any home, so it is vital to research what kind of washing machine would be best for you. since everyone’s circumstances and needs will vary greatly, there isn’t a perfect washing machine that fits all situations. The type or size of the washing machine can depend on many factors, such as whether you have access to laundry facilities at your place of employment, if someone else does your laundry for you (like a dry cleaner), and how often you wash clothes, etc.

Selecting a suitable washing machine can be pretty tricky these days. It is hard to tell which washing machine will best suit your needs with many options. However, there are some considerations that you need to make before buying a washing machine for it to work well for you. Here are four things to consider when looking into purchasing a washing machine:

  • Type of washer
  • Capacity or size of washer
  • Price range
  • Brand name

Types of Washing Machine

There are two main types of washing machines: 

  1. Top-loading (Mostly used in Pakistan)
  2. front-loading (Used abroad – imported one)
  3. Portable

Top-Loading Washing Machine

Top-loading washers provide large capacities but use more water than necessary for smaller loads. However, their low prices offset this to other washing machines on the market.

Top Loading Washing Machines use less detergent than the front or high-efficiency washing machines. Their design ensures that most detergent gets removed during the washing process instead of remaining on clothing after rinsing

Front-Loading Washing Machine

Front-load washing machines allow you to wash larger loads in less time due to higher spin speeds while using less water overall, leading to energy savings over time. Despite being energy-efficient, it provides better quality wash than the top-loading washing machine.

Portable Mini Washing Machine

These mini washing machines are foldable. They appear as rectangular blocks that can be pulled for each size to transform a rectangular block into a bucket. It is ideal for a single person. The motor isn’t as powerful as a big machine. But it serves the purpose of washing clothes.

Features Wise Classification

Based on the feature, we further have two main types of washing machine

  1. Semi-automatic washing machines
  2. Fully automatic washing machine

Semi-automatic Washing Machine

Semi-automatic washing machines offer top loaders capabilities but additional features such as an automatic dispensing system that allows detergent usage without users adding it into the container. For washing and spinning, it has two separate portions. You can set timmer and pick the mode you want to wash your clothes. 

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machines are the one-touch solution to all your washing problems. They act as washers, soakers, and spinners. Some machines also have a feature of steam dryers where warm air dries even the tiniest droplet of water from the clothes. 


Washing machine’s capacity (referred to as spine is measured in kgs. This represents the number of clothes that can be washed in a single go. Simply put, it’s just the size of a cylindrical drum of a washing machine. 

The standard size of washing machine in Pakistan are as follow

  • 7kg
  • 8kg
  • 9kg
  • 10kg
  • 11kg

You should pick a suitable machine size according to your family size. Usually, an 8 kg washing machine is preferred for 3-4 family members’ clothes.

Price Range of Washing Machine in Pakistan

Washing machines come in a wide variety of prices that can depend on the brand name you are looking for. It is a full-sized or portable washing machine if additional features are available with your purchase, like a warm dryer. 

It’s important to consider what type of washer best suits your needs while staying within budget so that you can get the most out of your washing machine. A fully automatic washing machine will cost you almost double a semi-automatic machine. 

A simple 8kg washing machine will cost you around Rs 11,000/-, a semi-automatic 8 kg washing machine will cost you around Rs 16,000/- while a fully automatic 8kg washing machine can cost you around Rs 35,000/-.

Updated Washing Machine Price list in Pakistan 2022

Brands of Washing Machines in Pakistan

Knowing about certain brands will be helpful when making purchases such as this one. For example, some people prefer Dawlance washing machines over any other brand because they have specific features that others do not offer. (like an intelligent button). Below are a few of the top brands of washing machines in Pakistan

  • Dawlance
  • Haier
  • Pel
  • Royal
  • Boss
  • Samsung
  • Kenwood

Each company has its price due to its specification and brand image in the market. In Pakistan, Samsung, Kenwood, Boss, LG, and Super Asia has affordable prices for their customer.

How washing machine works washing

The washing machine contains a drum where you place foamy water (an adequate mixture of detergent with water). Then you place your clothes on the drum. At the bottom of the drum, there is a spinner that spins at high speed. This high-speed spinning of foamy water allows water to pass through clothes, making them clean. This process is often allied with washers.

When they go through a spin cycle, it pushes out all of the washing machine’s soapy water and leaves only water behind. This process is called rinsing.

After rising, clothes are spent at high speed via separate or combined spinners. This spinning removed water droplets from the clothes. This process is called a dryer.

Buying Tips for Washing Machines

Washing machine prices can vary greatly depending on the features. So pick the one with the most necessary features. Below are a few points that would help you to make a better decision

  1. Washing machines come in different shapes and sizes, so measure the space where you want to put the machine beforehand. 
  2. A front-loading washing machine may be more expensive (as they aren’t locally manufactured in Pakistan). Still, they typically use less water than top-loaders, saving you money over time.
  3. A washer’s spin cycle will determine how much water it uses during washing cycles – high-speed spins result in higher energy costs because all of the clothes are being dried again by spinning them at such a high speed.
  4. Washing machines with a high spin speed can cause your clothes to wear out sooner because of the extreme pressure exerted on them by spinning at such speeds.
  5. Washing machines are typically measured in cubic feet, kg, or gallons, with washers, usually coming in either front loaders (which use less water) or top-loading units – both offer different options for people who want something more flexible than an old-fashioned hand-crank model.

Latest Features of Washing Machine

These can vary from single to multiple user-profiles and even come in touch screen, voice-activated, etc. these washing machines allow users or owners of home appliances (washer/dryer) to customize washing cycles depending on the type of clothes being washed .they also have more safety features such as automatic shut off feature when the door opened during wash cycle which helps avoid water damage accidents that might be caused by children or pets getting into the washer if left unattended for too long. Other noteworthy benefits include the ability to choose the specific spin speed and no need for an extra drying step since they usually dry their clothes over some time without having them sit around wet until the next load is done washing and spinning.

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