Orient Microwave Oven Price in Pakistan

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The Orient microwave oven model redefines elegance. The Orient microwave range, which includes a selection of classic and grill base units ranging from modest room units to more extensive, purpose-built ovens, is a must-have for every kitchen and countertop. With the built-in auto-cook settings, you can have anything from pizza to popcorn, lasagna to baked sandwiches ready to eat at the touch of a button.

Series of Microwave Orient

There are 2 series of microwaves which are mentioned below:

  1. Solo Series
  2. Grill Series

Solo Series

This is the base series that includes simpler microwave ovens. These ovens are capable of primarily heating, defrosting, and cooking. However, there are some digital models that includes some built-in recipes that further enhances its capabilities.

This series is much economical and available in two colors: white and black.

Grill Series

This is a bit advance series that has dual functions as there is a grill in this oven as well. So, beyond the traditional features, this microwave oven is also capable of baking. Thus, you can also make pizza, cakes, etc.

This series is available only in black color and is a bit expensive than solo series.
Sizes of Orient Microwave Oven

There is much more size variation in solo series. Its size starts form 20liter and goes to 30liter. Also, there is a jumbo 62liter size in solo series as well.

However, there is lesser size variations in Grill series. Its sizes starts form 23liters and goes to 34liters.

Features of microwave Orient

Energy Efficient

Most microwaves consume large numbers of watts and increase the electrical bills. But their microwaves are working on low volts and save your electric bills.

Not Change the Taste

When we bake any food in the oven, the microwaves rays are produced, which cook the food. In this process, the food taste and nutrition may be removed. But these microwaves have not changed the taste.

Digital Control Panel (in higher variants)

These microwaves come with digital panel use can easily set the timer to bake your different food, like coffee, tea, burgers, etc. The automatic turn/off option is available in it.


All its microwave ovens come with 1 year country wide magnetron warranty.

Complete Price list of Orient Microwave Oven in Pakistan

The cheapest Orient solo microwave oven price starts from about Rs11,499 while the cheapest Orient grill microwave oven price starts from about Rs15,999. Their prices increase as the sizes and features increase. So, here is its complete price list;




As you have seen, Orient has simple two series: solo and grill, which makes it easier for the buyer very easier to decide and purchase the required type. Along with types, we have also discussed its features and price value. This makes a lot of years to have a clear view of Orient microwave oven prices in Pakistan before you make any purchase.