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Vivo is among the most well-known smartphone companies with various options under affordable price tags. In the first quarter of 2015, Vivo became one of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers with a market share of 2.7 percent. In 2017 Vivo officially entered the Pakistan smartphone market, and now in 2024, it is pretty popular among Pakistani people due to its affordable and advanced technology series.

Vivo Series

Several Chinese phone brands are now making headway in the West through affordable high-spec smartphones, and it looks like Vivo might be on the same path. Here’s the list of Vivo series that provide the best combination of hardware and features.

X series

Vivo X Series had the highest quality internal hardware, marvelous image and screen quality, stunning privacy features in almost every Vivo  X handset model. Currently, X series new models are more focused on providing stunning photography effects.

These latest Vivo phones have integrated a Vivo Zeiss imaging system that gives mobile photography a whole new experience. Soon by the end of 2024, the Vivo X series smartphone will be offering professional-grade camera technology too.

V series

V-Series is designed to provide “Perfect selfies,” These smartphones typically range between the average to high price. Vivo Mobile V-Series models in the past were famous for their broad and clear display, an ultra-high-resolution front camera, advanced software, and an adequate set of internal components which provide a smooth and enjoyable mobile experience.

The new Vivo V handsets focused on a good gaming experience, smoother gameplay, and ultra-unique display. They have also improved image quality by offering an amazing night shot and portrait mode. Their ultimate selfie experience and stylish design will catch your attention.

Y series

Vivo Y-Series handsets range from affordable to low-priced mobile categories. While their design type is typically similar to V-Series handsets, Y-Series phones usually have lower resolution cameras on the front and back. But now the Vivo Y Series new models come with advanced changes that let gamers enjoy mobile gaming and prolonged gaming time due to powerful GPU features and an enormous battery while maintaining the cost. Vivo Y android phones have an impressive collection of budget-friendly devices with elegant designs, stunning screens, and durable batteries.

NEX series

The Vivo NEX-Series Apart from the highest quality technical specifications and features, these android handsets always come with at least one distinctive innovation, like the retracting and protruding selfie camera. NEX’s new model offers revolutionary leading inspiration and technology of smartphones. That is why they are a bit pricy.

S series

Through the launch of the S series, the company hoped to expand its offline presence in the West, and they were pretty successful. S series is designed for people who want stylish smartphones and features top-quality specs in cameras for selfies. Combining the most up-to-date technology and AI Quad Camera in the S series makes you a visionary. We know that you will be surprised by the upscale Diamond design of the S series, so do check it out.

Vivo Android Smartphones 2024 Features

Let’s have a look at some of the latest features of Vivo smartphones


The Vivo company boast of providing a massive 64 MP resolution in most of their mobile phones.  The S Series models are acing in it by providing at least a 48MP primary camera with super clarity, and three additional cameras for macro, wide-angle, and bokeh photo requirements.

You don’t need to be concerned over the image quality of your memorable moments captured in dim lighting, as cameras are one of the USPs on Vivo mobiles. The incredible image quality can be evident even when zoomed to a pixel resolution due to Enhanced RAM5 technology.

This year, the V series announced new models, which featured the world’s first night camera with a minimum of 44 MP Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology and is the first to enter a new era for night selfie smartphones.

Micro Drive System

To provide an optimal visual experience, the Vivo NEX series rear camera is a perfect example as it can be concealed behind the screen. It pops up instantly while taking selfies. The camera can move like a magician because of a revolutionary microdrive system and a precise control algorithm.


Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core processor is powerful and ensures seamless operation. Vivo launched some phones with an elite Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. It’s 30% faster than previous generations. Dome of the Vivo series comes with a 64-bit Qualcomm Kryo 385, which has an innovative 10-nanometer design and an operating speed of upwards of 2.8GHz. It reduces both, power consumption and heat generation.


Most Vivo mobile comes with 8GB RAM allowing you to run multiple applications in the way you want, without the risk of slowdown. Additionally, 128GB of memory lets you save your favorite apps, videos, and photos.
Virtual RAM is a unique feature that other smartphone companies are not yet offering. Vivo’s flagship smartphone receives a temporary performance boost from this virtual RAM that is equivalent to 12GB of RAM.

Considering that, most of the Vivo phones can provide 8GB and 4GB of extra RAM so Without any issues, you can run as many applications concurrently as you want.

AMOLED Display

Compared to conventional LED displays, AMOLED displays are thinner, lighter, allow for brighter colors, use less power, and are pixel-by-pixel. Almost all Vivo mobile have an AMOLED OLED display. Their screen size ranges from6.50 inches to 6.59 inches. Every inch of this Super AMOLED panel is designed to provide the highest visual impact.

Artificial Intelligence Button

Vivo models have an AI button dedicated to AI services. Press and hold it for a few seconds, then Google Assistant will be activated. It’s a helpful option if you are too busy to interact with your mobile phone. Vivo offers revolutionary artificial intelligence to serve its customers.

Google Lens

Vivo models also come with a Google lens. Point the camera at an object and then press an AI button. It will then search for the object online and show relevant search results and details. Such features make Vivo mobile models more accessible.

Vivo Mobile Gaming Features

Vivo Y and V series handsets are perfect for gaming. Vivo added unique features to enhance your gaming experience. Here are some of the features you will find in Vivo gaming mobiles.

Media Tek Processor

The MediaTek processor creates the stage for high-quality video and image quality. It reduces the latency of action-to-display and provides the better contrast that is required for a satisfying gaming experience.

The MediaTek processors are designed to perform intensive and heavy tasks, and they are very good at multitasking. The Vivo Y series is equipped with Media Tek Processor which makes them perfect for a good gaming experience.

Halo Display

To further enhance the gaming experience, The Vivo Y and the V series come with a 6.51-inch and 6.56inch Halo FullView display. With this, you will get an aspect ratio of 20:9 and a 1600 x 720 HD plus resolution. Due to these features, it gives you a larger view, which is helpful for gamers. The display is also equipped with the latest version of the in-cell technology. It offers better color accuracy and sharper details which add to the experience of being immersed. Since you’ll be watching videos for a long time, you will also benefit from the Vivo eye protection mode, which removes dangerous blue light.

Battery timing & Fast Charging

The Vivo V and Y series come with a battery of at least 5000mAh which provides up to 8 hours of gaming. It also has an ultra-fast (25+Watt) charging system, filling 50 percent of the battery’s capacity in only 30 minutes. A few minutes of charging on power-saving mode can make your Vivo mobile last a couple of days.

Ultra gaming mode

Vivo Y and V series come with you the chance to improve the capabilities of your mobile features specifically for gaming. You can do this with Vivo’s Ultra Game Mode, which is now equipped with an E-Sports mode that can take your gaming to the highest level with extremely intense gaming.

It lets you modify sound and audio effects to provide more realistic features. It also allows you to enable Do Not Disturb to turn off all alerts and notifications that could be distracting for some.

Refresh rate

Vivo users will also feel the power of Vivo phones due to their high refresh frequency of 90Hz – 120 Hz. It gives you a smooth experience when playing games, scrolling through the menus, or watching films.

Graphics Processor Unit

Vivo mobiles also come with the Adreno Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which is 30 % more efficient than its predecessor and is also more efficient in energy use.

Price of Vivo mobiles in Pakistan 2024:

One of the most compelling reasons to buy Vivo mobile is its price in Pakistan. They come at low prices despite the fantastic features that we had talked about. These are among the most affordable phones on the market so far.

Vivo Mobile Pricelist 2024:


Each Vivo mobile is flooded with cutting-edge features. In addition to the budget-friendly option, the variety of features focused on gaming on the Vivo Y series is awe-inspiring. It comes with a powerful CPU and GPU, outstanding display characteristics, plenty of battery power, quick charging, and an acceleration boost for Turbo. For top-quality video and photography experiences, pick the latest models from the X Series. NFEX and S series are for those who need a handset with low-cost yet fully loaded with unique features.