Huawei Mobile Price in Pakistan

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Huawei is a Chinese electronics and telecommunications company that introduced its first mobile phone in 2004. In the second quarter of 2019, the company launched more smartphones than Samsung due to its high-quality manufacturing.

As of 2019, the Company launched its last batch of phones with core Android. Later in 2020, Almost all Huawei phones are operated on HarmonyOs, It is an Android-based OS, but with a lot of modifications and enhancements. As of 2024, Huawei is one of the most demanding mobiles in Pakistan.

Huawei Mobile Series

Huawei has released numerous phones under distinct brand names that include Ascend and the GR-line and the T-line, and more. Below are some series of Huawei phones where it has released a minimum of one phone in the past year.

  • The P series of Huawei
  • The Matte series
  • The Nova series of Huawei
  • The Y series of Huawei

Huawei P series

Huawei P-series phone is their Flagship mobiles, similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S Series. The P-series is the most popular among general smartphone consumers. Whether you require a business-oriented smartphone or don’t have any specific requirements, a P-series smartphone will likely meet your needs.

The P-series (abbreviated as Platinum) mobiles are primarily known for their cameras. You can find one of the most advanced camera systems in P-series phones than can do up to 50x zoom on any image.

Huawei Mate series

Huawei Mate series, formally known as the Huawei Ascend Mate series has a similar design to Samsung Galaxy Note. These phablet smartphones are generally, these are the most powerful, most advanced, and most expensive Huawei smartphones. Huawei also launched its Mate X series that folds.
The Mate series designs are superior. Each mobile comes with premium quality hardware. But You will have to pay more for the Mate series first model because of its increased specs.

They also have some professional models labeled as Huawei mate pro, which comes with a professional-grade camera, processor, and ram and would cost higher too.

If you are low on budget, Huawei also offers a light version of their mate series. By compromising on premium hardware, you can still enjoy all others features of these mobiles.

Huawei Y Series

Huawei launches its Y-series devices cheaper but with decent specs and features. They are similar to Samsung’s Galaxy A series. This is Huawei’s most selling series, the Y series designs are quite similar to the Huawei Mate pro models.

The devices aren’t as impressive as Mate Pro handsets due to the weaker camera hardware and the lower specifications of the overall phone. Still, the Y-series is a great option, to begin with, if you don’t require the top-of-the-line smartphone or simply wish to save money.

The Nova series of Huawei

The Nova range of Huawei phones is most affordable. The Nova line is specifically designed for youngsters who love to snap photos but can’t afford premium mobile. This is why they are popular with younger customers for whom the camera is among the most crucial aspects of purchasing a smartphone.
The most modern Nova handset has a quad lens camera system with a robust primary sensor; however, the other specs are relatively poor.

Huawei Android Phone Features 2024

Huawei mobiles have a few unique aspects that make them stand out from the competition. Let us have a look at them

Multi-device support

Huawei makes a wide range of other consumer electronics in addition to smartphones. Huawei deeply integrates all of these devices. This is among the numerous reasons Huawei was so successful.

Advanced Camera Systems

Each year, Android Authority assembles the Best Android Mobile Phone list. The list highlights top phones in specific areas. Since 2015, every year, Huawei’s phone has been either the most popular option or runners-up on the front camera.

Huawei excels at providing a premium camera experience on all of its products. No matter what price you pay, if you are buying Huawei, you’re sure you’ll receive an image that will surpass your expectations.

Dedicated hardware

Huawei, itself has created its smartphone processors, modems, GPUs, and all other small components. This allowed their hardware to work more as compared to other Brands.

However, the downside of this is that Huawei’s hardware isn’t sometimes up to the benchmarks that are used by other phones. Although Huawei’s Kirin processors, for instance, generally can compete with the most recent top-of-the-line silicon from Qualcomm, Still the Kirin processor isn’t always in the top spot.

Harmony OS

Huawei’s 2021 MatePad Pro was among the first ones to use Harmony OS. Android 10 is used as a main source of code in Harmony OS.

Gaming Setup

Huawei is always at the top of the list regarding mobile technology innovations, especially for gamers. They are praised for their excellent features that include a cooling water system to keep it from overheating, whether you’re looking for gaming smartphones with the biggest, most immersive displays or battery capacities that will last you for days. Huawei excels at all of these.

With games that require high graphics performance, Huawei mobile easily outperforms a lot of smartphones. These smartphones are perfect for gaming in terms of display proportions as large screens make gaming easier.

Prices of Huawei Mobiles in Pakistan 2024:

Huawei has studied user patterns a lot, especially for the Pakistani audience, the company knows that many people won’t be able to afford their flagship mobile in Pakistan, that’s why there manufactured tailored light varients of their mobile phones. Still, their prices are hugely dependent on the series you decide for yourself.

Usually a good Huawei Mobile would cost you around 35,000/- PKR if you want to buy the Y series. a Good Huawei P series mobile would be priced around 90,000/- PKR in Pakistan. For the remaining prices, you can see the below price list.

Huawei Mobile Pricelist

Huawei and Google controversy

It’s likely you’ve heard that Huawei being a Chinese company is having trouble with the US. if you’ve been following the tech industry over the last few years. The US government has been scrutinized by Huawei since May of 2015, resulting in a “Huawei ban.” This ongoing confrontation prompted Huawei to change its business practices (which includes dumping Android OS as it’s powered by Google).

The company has been alleged to have conducted questionable business practices in the past. But under the hood, we all know that this Chinese company was expected to take Samsung’s crown away as the largest smartphone maker by the end of the year 2019. So after this political propaganda.

Huawei has thus been banned from doing business in the United States. It all made it impossible for Huawei to cooperate with companies such as Google, Qualcomm, and Intel.


Is my Huawei phone spying on me?

There’s never been any proof that Huawei spies over smartphone customers. However, they do collect data some statistical data to make their service better. This means that anonymous information about users is sent to Huawei to monitor how users use their products.

Is it legal to purchase/own Huawei handsets?

No, owning or buying a Huawei phone isn’t legally legal. As the Huawei ban is not a problem for consumers, but it is for US companies as they can’t do business with Huawei.

Will my Android OS will stop working on Huawei Phone?

No, they won’t. The basic idea is that your phone is a Huawei phone released before May 2019. It will function as expected – with Google apps and all. Still, it won’t receive any updates. However, you’ll still receive Android updates for the moment; they’ll be slow and intermittent. In any case, the phone will function normally.