Dawlance Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

Dawlance washing machine price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 22,900 to Rs 247,900. Being offical dealer of Dawlance we offer their washing machine at the most afforable rates. So a good Dawlance washing machine from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 96,800. Some of these commonly sold washing machine includes, Dawlance Front Load Washing Machine DWF 85400S INV, Dawlance Semi Automatic Washing Machine DW 7500 C, Dawlance Semi Automatic Washing Machine DW 7500 C and Dawlance Front Load Washing Machine DWF-8200X Inverter.

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Dawlance has positioned itself as one of the biggest washing machine producers in Pakistan. It offers complete range of washing machines with a lot of variations in specifications and prices.

Here we would discuss about the factors that impact the price of Dawlance washing machine, giving you a comprehensive price value analysis for each model.

Dawlance Washing Machine Price in Pakistan Analysis

Types of Dawlance washing Machine

Following are the types of Washing Machines, which are offered by Dawlance.

  1. Dawlance Single Tub Washer only
  2. Dawlance Spinner only
  3. Semi-Automatic Twin Tub Washing Machine
  4. Top-Load Automatic Washing Machine
  5. Front-Load Automatic Washing Machine

Dawlance Washer Only

These washers by Dawlance are effective, sturdy machines that can fit into a small space. Due to plastic body, these are light weight and corrosion resistant. These washing machine models provide large capacity with a Wide Impeller. Their Deep Waterfall Technology cleans clothes for each side.

Due to single functionality, these machines are much economical in price, and are available in 8kg, 10kg, and 12kg sizes.

Dawlance Spinner (Spin Dryer)

Dawlance also offers separate dryer or spinners that has large drum size. It is large enough for 9 blankets or 4 pairs of jeans plus all the room you need on top of them.

Moreover its special model, DS 9000 CM, has dual functionality of rinse and spinning, so your laundry days are less complicated than ever before.

Semi-automatic Dawlance Washing Machine

Dawlance also offers large range of semi-automatic twin tub washing machines available in different sizes of 10kg, 12kg and 15kg. Thus Dawlance offers a complete washing and drying package for your laundry. These machines have high speed of 1300rpm and its shower rinse improves stain removal and detergent dissolution. These are also lightweight and durable due to plastic body.

Dawlance Top-load Automatic Washing Machine

Dawlance offers largest variety of top load automatic washing machines that makes laundry much easier. All its series saves upto 38% energy and are powered by multiple laundry modes and intelligent features. These machines have three water falls those results in deep penetration of the detergents. Above all, its pro fabric drum is incredibly gentle for different types of clothes.

An account of its five models is as follow.

ES Series:

This energy saver model is the base fully automatic washing machine model that saves upto 38% energy and have upto 10 mode operations. For this it is most economical in the Dawlance fully automatic washing machines range.

EZ Series:

This is most economical fully automatic washing machine on the list, yet it does not compromise performance. It has same energy saving and multi-mode operation along with one touch easy washing option.

LVS+ Series:

This is an upgraded base model that comes in two color variations: champagne and silver. Apart form energy saving and multi-mode operations feature, this machine is powered with low voltage startup (LVS) and this machine even works at 150V.

PL (E-Care) Series:

This is more advance extra care series that that is available in grey color and has extended sizes – suitable for large families.  Along with LVS, it has extra energy efficiency upto 40%. Therefor due to larger size and extra energy efficiency, it has relatively higher prices, yet justified.


This is latest Dawlance automatic washing machine, launched in year 2022, that comes in blackish anthracite color. Apart for LVS and energy efficiency, it is powered with state of the art Auto-dose technology that saves upto 36% detergent. With its large detergent capacity and auto dose technology, its detergent can be used upto 15+ cycles.

Powered with latest features, this is most expensive automatic machine offered by Dawlance.

Dawlance Front-load Automatic Washing Machine

Dawlance offers most advanced front load automatic washing machines in Pakistan. Its has apparel care technology for sensitive clothes like woollen and embroidered clothes. It also have hygiene wash option that rises temperature upto 90C that clean 99.9% of the Bacteria. Further more these machines complies with European levels of energy rating.

Its base model is DWF that has A++ rating. More advance model is its DWF inverter model with A+++ energy rating. While its lates model in DWD inverter, that is much costlier in the list.

One of its special model is DWF x inverter that has steam care technology that removes stains by steaming clothes before and after washing. Also, it has remote connectivity through Bluetooth. This is perhaps best in terms of price-value.

Latest List of Dawlance Washing Machine Price in Pakistan in year 2024

Shoppingjin has complete range of Dawlance washing machines at best prices in Pakistan. Dawlance semi-automatic price starts form about Rs17,999. Price of Dawlance top load washing machine starts from Rs46,499, while its front load automatic washing machine price starts form about Rs94,499. Here is a complete list of Dawlance washing machine prices in Pakistan.


All Dawlance washing machines come with 10 year motor warranty, while only its top load automatic washing machines have 10 year motor warranty, 3 year PCB kit warranty and 1 year parts warranty.


Having read the aforementioned analysis, you can easily chose any Dawlance washing machines depending on required size, usage, product specifications and buyers’ budget.