Electric Heater Price in Pakistan

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Price of Electric Heater in Pakistan starts from RS 900. Normally electric heater would cost you around RS 6,700. Some commonly sold electric heater includes, Sinbo Quartz Heater - Best Electric heater, Super Fit Fish Electric Heater, Anex Carbon Heater AG 3039 and Philips Room Tower Heater FH-122.

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In the winter, most people want a warm and cozy home that they can retreat to after a long day. The best way to achieve this is with an electric heater. With so many options available on the market, it is hard for individuals to choose which one would be best for them. That is why we have created this guide – to break down all of your decisions so you can make an educated decision about what type of electric heater will work best in your home or room.

Firstly we will be discussing a few major Types of Electric heaters, which are readily available in Pakistan, Then we will be looking at a few of the features which are highly correlated with their price. (More features, higher price). Finally, we will guide you about their costing and give a small price list.

Types of Electric heaters

Electric heaters are a great way to warm up your living space during the winter. Think about what type of home or room you have, and then pick out which one would work best in that particular setting.

Electric Fan Heaters: These types aren’t used as commonly anymore because they are very noisy but can still be a viable option for heating your home. They emit carbon dioxide into the air because they only heat metal blades that transfer their energy to the surrounding air molecules. This means that you will need to keep these away from flammable materials, but it’s perfect if you want an electric heater with forced air ventilation.

Infrared Heaters: This is an excellent option if you have a very small room or want to warm up just one particular area. If your home doesn’t have forced air ventilation, then this electric heater will be perfect for you because it emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than panel heaters do.

Ceramic Heaters: Now, this type of Electric heater is great if you have a large or medium-sized room. It emits infrared heat, which will cause the air molecules in your home to become energized and speed up. This results in warmer rooms faster, but it does come with some downsides, like cleaning out the filter every so often to prevent dust and dirt from building up.

Space Heaters: These are great for small spaces because you can easily move them from room to room. If your home doesn’t have a central heating system, then this is the one you should go with. They heat up quickly and don’t take much electricity at all, which makes them very cost-effective in the long run.

Electric Radiator Heaters: These types of electric heaters look like mini radiators. The ones available today produce both warm and cool air, so if you want to be able to adjust your thermostat at any time – this is perfect for you. They work by warming up water that goes through tubes which then heats metal fins behind it. This makes them very efficient in terms of energy use and emits lots of hot air into your home.


From all of the above electric heaters, we recommend infrared heaters for single-person usage, as they are quite budget-friendly and cost you far less upfront money. but for family or large gatherings, we would recommend an electric fan or halogen heater with oscillation.

Factors to Look While Buying Best Priced Electric Heater

Power consumption:  Calculate the total power consumption and watts per hour. An ideal electric heater will consume one 10th the power of an Air conditioner.

Efficiency/ Heat output: Look for the heater’s efficiency in converting electricity into heat energy. There are different mechanisms for convergence, ceramic fan, quartz tube, carbon tube. Etc. By far, Carbon heaters are the most efficient ones.

Thermostat control features: this allows us to change the temperature of the room effectively. An electric heater with an auto thermostat can save you a lot of hassle from manually changing the temperature.

Size of room: Get the right size electric heater for your room. Do not get an electric heater that is too small or large for the room. It would be a waste to use such a small heater for a large room. It would be expensive to select a large heater for a small room.

Price: Consider how much you are willing to spend on an electric heater and the long-term cost you’ll be bearing by that heater. A good electric heater will cost less while purchasing and save you a ton of money by reducing the electric bill.

House insulation: what type of material is in your house (wood, metal). Heat can easily be absorbed by concrete/metal than wood, which can reduce efficiency. So a wooden paneling in the room is an ideal choice for an electric heater.

Placement of heater: where will it be plugged in? Near a window or next to furniture? We recommend it to be placed in an open space without any barrier in front of it.

Safety Features of Any Good Electric Heater

Safety is important even when it comes to electric heaters. There are some safety features that you need to look out for before buying one:

Tip-over shut off: This feature automatically shuts off the heater when it’s not standing upright.

Overheating protection: This feature turns off and on repeatedly to prevent overheating. Some models feature energy-saving settings that will turn off the device after a set amount of time or periodically cycle on and off while in operation (to avoid overheating).

thermal cut-off: this feature shuts down the unit if it starts overheating or catches on fire

Obviously, these features demand some extra cash and the overall cost of the electric heater is increased. But we would suggest never compromising safety as it can cost you your life.

Tips for Using Electric Heater in Pakistani Homes

  1. If using an electric heater, make sure there’s enough space between the wall and furniture. This allows for proper ventilation behind any equipment that’s placed against the walls.
  2. Remember that many electrical appliances get hot when running, so keep them away from flammable materials like curtains and carpeting.
  3. If you have children at home, avoid placing anything too close to floor level, as this can pose potential safety hazards if toppled over by kids who may not be aware of its dangers yet.
  4. Another important consideration is making, sure enough, ventilation exists around your room’s electricity source (a circuit panel box). Overloading circuits is one-way fires can start, so be sure to keep clear of any items that may cause the surrounding area to overheat.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Electric Heaters?

You can do many things to make your electric heater more efficient. The most important thing is to use it at the right time of day (Time beside peak hours), otherwise, you’ll face huge electric bills.

  1. According to our expert review team, an infrared electric heater uses around 1000 watts on average. continuously running them would get you charged tons of money. So only use them in dire need.
  2. A high-powered Infrared heater (1.2KW) works best when used for short periods (to reduce the coldness of the room) or by multiple people who switch it off briefly before returning to use it again. So if you are a single person, lower the heater watts by switching off the road.
  3. The front-facing section (the region from which infrared rays emit) shall be facing towards users. as light is a form of energy and would increase your body heat rapidly.
  4. Don’t put the heater on the floor. Elevating it a bit higher (use a small table) and setting it to rotation will keep the room warm for a longer time with little power consumption.
  5. Don’t have any obstacles in front of the electric heater as it blocks the heat waves and they don’t easily travel throughout the room.
  6. Use an Electric heater only at late night or in the early morning, by which we mean that time which isn’t included in peak hours ( 6 pm- 11 pm ). Electricity is most expensive in these hours).
  7. An imported electric heater comes with a thermostat. Just setting the thermostat to room temperature would automatically reduce the power consumption when the temperature is maintained in the room. 

Electric Heater Latest Prices in Pakistan

Normally Electric heater costs increase as winter gets to its peak. An average electric heater price is maybe around 3000/- PKR. It is just an upfront cost; you also need to consider the electric consumption of the heater too.

Updated Price List of 2022

These prices vary from city to city as a seller needs to bear transportation costs. if you buy from us, you’ll be charged bare minimum shipment cost and would get them at the most affording cost

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