Hi Max Electric Heater – Korean Halogen Tube

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3 heating mode.

variable power consumption (400-800-1200) Watt.

Eco friendly.

Tip-over safety.

Swing function.

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Category: Halogen Heater

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A halogen heater is a lightweight and portable heating device that can be plugged into an electrical source and provide warmth in an enclosed area. This type of heater is distinguished by using halogen elements rather than electrical coils or propane or butane conductors to provide the source of heat. Korean Halogen Tube heater can be used in several different environments and is equipped with several safety features.

Kyou Electric Heater – Korean Halogen Tube Specifications:

  • Power 400W/800W/1200W
  • Three independent heating element
  • Tip-Over Safety
  • Overheating Protection
  • ECO Friendly
  • Wide Angle Oscillation
  • 180 Degree Oscillation
  • Back Handle

Kyou Halogen Tube Features:

Varied Preset Heat Settings

This heater comes preset with three heat levels. The heat levels are 400W, 800W, and 1200W. This allows you to choose the setting which best suits your preferences and maximum comfortability. These heat settings are also good when there are varied cold conditions, hence each setting for different environmental conditions.

Oscillating Function

The heater can oscillate on its base. This function ensures the heat is spread evenly in a room and nothing is left in the cold. The oscillating function saves on consumption when the heat is spread evenly; less heat is used to heat areas that the heat has not reached.

Safety Tip-Over Switch

When the heater accidentally tips over, it has a safety tip-over switch that will switch it off once it tips. This feature is necessary as it reduces the risk of fires due to concentrated heat on the area that the heater fell.


The heater is light and portable. You can easily carry it from room to room or outdoors on occasions like camping.

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