Westpoint Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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Westpoint is one of the first Pakistani brands to manufacture a wide range of powerful vacuum cleaners. They are equipped with the latest features and strong suction power to remove dirt from all types of floors. Here we are sharing the buying guide as per the feature analysis of the vacuum cleaners to decide the best one for your place.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners in Pakistan

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Westpoint Upright Vacuums combines vacuuming and mopping. It helps clean dirt from all angles and is suitable for all floors. Take a look at some of its valuable features.

Easy Locking system

These vacuum cleaners ensure secure locking for safe vacuuming.


Upright vacuum cleaners of Westpoint come with multi-triangular nozzles to quickly pick the dirt from the hardest areas.

Vertical park function

This Function helps to remain upright wherever you leave it and doesn’t need a stand.

Drum Type Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners have large drums that can filter dust and liquid with strong suction power. They have a high-performance vacuum system to capture the tiniest dust particles with exceptional motor power. Here are some of the notable features of West point drum type vacuum cleaners:


Westpoint has offered up to 25L large capacity drums with durable steel shells in drum-type vacuum cleaners.

Blower function

It helps to suck the dust particles stuck to unreachable places with high suction power.

Dust Full Indicator

It indicates the drum is full of dust and automatically gets off.

Turbo Power

Westpoint incorporates high turbo power up to 2200W for quick pick up and minimal filter cleaning in drum-type vacuum cleaners.

Wet and dry Function

This Function helps switch the settings to vacuum up liquids and solids.

Canister Type Vacuum Cleaners

Westpoint has added high filtration efficiency in these vacuum cleaners with consistent suction of multi-cyclonic technology. These can effortlessly clean tiles, walls, and glass. Have a look at the following features of these vacuum cleaners.

Speed Control

It helps to adjust the suction power speed according to the needs of surfaces.

High filtration system

These vacuum cleaners have a high filtration system to filter the dust.

Rotary Flexible hose

Westpoint incorporates 360 flexible rotary hoses for easy handling while vacuuming the hardest places in these cleaners.

Telescopic Chrome Tube

This chrome-plated vacuum cleaner tube can be easily adjusted for comfortable vacuuming.

Multi-cyclonic technology

Westpoint vacuum cleaners use cyclonic technology to filter airborne and heavier dirt particles to minimize filter clogging.

Common Features of Westpoint Vacuum Cleaners


  • Drum-type vacuum cleaners are operated up to 2200W for high efficiency.
  • Canister-type vacuums have extra power copper motors with a power range of 1500W.
  • Upright vacuum Cleaners have a maximum 1000W power range.


Westpoint vacuum cleaners are available with a 2-year warranty.

Suction Power

Vacuum cleaners are designed with high suction power. The more suction, the quicker a given air volume is moved for picking up dust.

Noise Level

  • Westpoint upright vacuum cleaner has a sound level of up to 78 dB.
  • Canister-type and drum-type vacuum cleaners are designed with super low noise functionality.

Westpoint vacuum cleaners price in Pakistan

Upright vacuum cleaners are economical, whereas canister-type and drum-type vacuum cleaners are available at high prices because of their high suction power and the latest features.



Westpoint Vacuum Cleaner WF-3669Rs. 36,790


These are the features of different types of vacuum cleaners. You can get these as per your need. Canister and drum vacuums have higher technologies and more suction power than upright cleaners.

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