Remington Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan

Remington hair dryer price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 6,900 to Rs 33,000. Being offical dealer of Remington we offer their hair dryer at the most afforable rates. So a good Remington hair dryer from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 12,600. Some of these commonly sold hair dryer includes, Remington Hair Dryer Power Ionic D3010, Remington Hair Dryer Power Volume D3015, Remington Hair Dryer Power Volume D3015 and Remington Hair Dryer Keratin Pro D8002.

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Remington shares 70 years of pride in producing cutting edges salon products worldwide. And when it comes to hair care and salon, hair dryers are essential, especially for women’s hair that takes a lot of time to dry.

So here are all the available models and Remington hair dryer price in Pakistan with key features and specifications that would help you find the best hair dryer for your hair.
Features of Remington Hair Dryers
Here are some of the key features of Remington dryers that are shared by most of its dryers.
Highly Powerful Throw
Starting from 1800W, the power of Remington hair dryers can go upto 2300W. As a result, the air throw can reach over 140 km/h. This will dry your hair in minutes.
Ceramic Ionic Grille
Then the Remington hair dryer comes with its state-of-the-art “ceramic ionic grille.” If you are using any cheaper hair dryer you will know well that those hair dryers give un-evenly distributed hot air and static charge in your hair after using a hair dryer. But this is not the case with Remington hair dryers owing to its ionic grille.
Temperature Control
Another feature common in Remington hair dryers is the temperature control feature that enables you to adjust between cold and hot hair, and its professional series of hair dryers even includes a heat level setting, namely “Eco Setting.”
Ion Generator
Remington dryers are also equipped with advanced ion generators. As a result, you get frizz-free shine.
Professional Drying Feature
In its professional hair dryer, Remington has its amazing “Moisture Lock Conditioning Technology,” which helps maintain the perfect moisture content in your hair and doesn’t make your hair extremely dry and rough.
Latest Remington Hair Dryer Price in Pakistan 2024
Coming to the prices, here is an updated list of Remington hair dryer price in Pakistan that will help you to choose one as per your price range.

As there are many Remington hair dryers, let me give you a price value analysis of these dryers. If you are looking for a personal Remington hair dryer, its price will start from about 7,000Rs and can go upto 10,000Rs. But if you are looking for a premium or professional-level hair dryer, it can cost you from 12,000Rs to 14,000Rs.
Buying Guide for Remington Hair Dryers
If you are buying a hair dryer for the first time, then here are some of the key factors that you should keep in your mind.
This is one of the crucial factors that is often ignored. The thickness of your hair must decide the power of a hair dryer. If you have lighter hairs, you must not buy a hair dryer over 1800 watts, but for thicker hairs, 2300 Watts is recommended. Else for normal hairs, we recommend a 2000Watt hair dryer.

Also, if you are running a salon, then you must choose a more powerful hair dryer with a speed controller so you can cover a larger spectrum of hair types.
Ceramic Grille
For frizz-free hair, we recommend you make sure that your Remington hair dryer has a ceramic grille.
Price of Hair Dryer
This is another deciding factor that you must mind. As Remington does not have cheap hair dryers, so you must compare the prices of Remington hair dryers before buying. We have already shared a list of Remington hair dryer price in Pakistan that will be your buying guide. Further, you can also save a lot of money when buying from Shoppingjin.
Remington has a 1 year warranty for all its hair dryers worldwide. But unfortunately, due to the non-existent after-sales service center, you can only get a warranty if you buy it from its distributing or retailing partner. So, once again, we recommend you buy from shoppingjin if you want to claim a hair dryer warranty in the future course.