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Geepas is a well-known brand in the UAE that offers a range of home appliances and electronics, including room coolers. These Air coolers are not only designed to provide efficient cooling and airflow but also have highly sophisticated designs.

We are sharing a buying guide with price analysis and advanced features that help you to get the best air cooler for your place.

Types of Geepas Air Coolers in Pakistan

  1. Box-type Air Coolers
  2. Tower Air Coolers

Box Type Air Coolers

Geepas box-type Air coolers come in a rectangular and compact design. These coolers come with single blowers and are suitable for cooling small to medium-sized rooms. Air coolers are remote-controlled for convenience, where you can adjust the settings from a distance.

Tower Air Coolers

These Geepas air coolers are designed in a tower shape with double blowers, suitable for large halls & multiple rooms. They save a lot of space without compromising the capacity of the water tank and come with panel control for speed adjustment.

Key Features of Geepas Air Cooler in Pakistan

Honeycomb Cooling Technology

Geepas air coolers feature a water mist system that passes warm air over ice-cold water to distribute cold air throughout a room.

Air Ionizer

This is used in Geepas room coolers to reduce odor in the air and make it fresher.


Some of the Geepas air coolers have blowers that provide the best air throw as compared to fans and produce less noise in room coolers.

4D swing Control

The horizontal and vertical swings help the user to adjust the horizontal and vertical swing at a particular angle.

Digital Control Panel

The air cooler features a digital control panel that efficiently controls the operational modes, 3 wind modes, normal/natural/sleep, fan speeds, and swing options. Easy to use with control buttons. The panel is located on the top of the cooler and is easy to reach.

Power Options

Air cooler has different power options ranging from 100W to 200W to 300W.

Three Speed Cooling Modes

Geepas air coolers feature low, medium, and high-speed settings. Oscillation airflow adjustment modes provide perfect cooling solutions.

Water Tank Capacity

Air coolers have 4L to 10L water tanks with cooling packs in some models.

Warranty of Geepas Air Coolers in Pakistan

Geepas give a 1-year warranty on air coolers when you buy from authorized distributors.

Lowest Geepas Air Cooler Price in Pakistan Feb 2024

As Geepas air coolers are imported from UAE, advanced in technology and elegant in design, it has comparatively higher price than the air coolers in the local market of Pakistan.

Here are the lowest prices of Geepas Air coolers in Pakistan;




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