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Philips air fryer price in Pakistan ranges from RS 31,900 to RS 109,900. Being offical dealer of Philips we offer their air fryer at the most afforable rates. So a good Philips air fryer from us wouldn't cost you more than RS 69,400. We sell geuine and origonal products of Philips whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Philips.

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If you are looking to buy a air fryer for healthier and easier cooking, then Philips has a the largest range of premium quality air fryers in Pakistan. As, these buying air fryer is a long-term investment and directly effects your health, you must see following review-based price value analysis and features of Philips air friers before buying one for yourself.

Specs of Different Air Fryer Series by Philips

All the Philips air fryers can by circulating hot air, thus preserving much food nutrients. Their rapid

Daily Collection Series (Low Price Range Range)

This is the basic and the cheapest Philips air fryer that can fry, grill, roast and even bake your food with little or no oil. This is made possible by its rapid air technology that circulates the hot air and heats the food evenly.  Furthermore, it has easy to clean removable non-stick coated drawer that can safely washed in a dish washer as well.

This economical Philips air fryer is available in white color and in standard 0.8kg size and is likely to be discontinued.

Essential Collection: (Low Price Range Range)

Philips essential air fryer is, and updated version of its base model released in 2022. The main addition added to this series is that it can remove excess fat for the food and can fry upto 90% lesser fat: thanks to its TurboStar technology. Other improvements in this model are that it is available in two colors: white and black, as well as two sizes: standard and extra-large (XL).

The most noticeable this about its XL size is its large 1.2kg capacity and digital interface, making it more convenient to use.

Even with that much improvements, this Philips air fryer price in Pakistan still falls in low price range.

Avance Collection (Mid Price Range)

In mid-price range we have another XL sized air fryer that also has digital interface. In this with option to preset 5 number of cooking options. However, this has been completely replaced by essential collection in year 2022.

Viva Collection (Mid Price Range)

This is mid-price range air fryer that comes in two colors: Red and Black, with red being more noticeable. This fryer is also manually operated and do have TurboStar technology that fries with 80% less fat. Additional feature about this model it that it comes with smart app with 200 built-in recipes and a recipe book.

Premium Collection (High Price Range)

This is most advanced and biggest Philips air fryer that comes in XXL size, i.e. it has largest storage capacity of 1.4kg. Furthermore, it also has smart mobile connectivity option to access over 200 built in recipes. Powered with TurboStart, it can remove excess fat upto 90% that can be recollected form a separate tray compartment.

This high-end mode comes in two different variations: digital and manual models. While in the digital model there are 5 preset button options.

Due to its most advanced features and largest size, it is most expensive and best Philips air fryer in the market.

Latest Price of Philips Air Fryer in Pakistan 2022

You can see our complete price list of Philips Air Fryers in following table.

You might have observed that prices of Philips air fryers is best when buying form Shoppinjin.


Philips offers three sizes of its air fryers

  • Standard size with 0.8kg capacity.
  • XL size with 1.2kg capacity.
  • XXL size with 1.4kg capacity.


All the air fryers of Philips are loaded with advanced features, durable and elegant design, and premium quality. So, if you are buying Philips air fryer, you must decide depending on size and interface, manual or digital.

The ultimate limiting factor for you might be price of Philips air fryer, for which you can but it form at lowest market prices.

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