Garment Steamer Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Garment Steamer in Pakistan is Rs 5,600. Most expensive Garment Steamer can cost you around Rs 52,900 while a normal garment steamer can esaily be bought around Rs 21,400.

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Original price was: ₨24,900.Current price is: ₨23,450.

Original price was: ₨33,000.Current price is: ₨21,999.

Original price was: ₨15,000.Current price is: ₨11,250.

Original price was: ₨7,500.Current price is: ₨5,650.

Original price was: ₨25,000.Current price is: ₨18,499.

Original price was: ₨38,000.Current price is: ₨28,999.
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Original price was: ₨8,300.Current price is: ₨7,999.

Original price was: ₨17,500.Current price is: ₨15,999.

Original price was: ₨29,000.Current price is: ₨23,999.

Original price was: ₨39,000.Current price is: ₨24,499.

Original price was: ₨22,000.Current price is: ₨19,499.

Original price was: ₨18,000.Current price is: ₨14,999.

Original price was: ₨32,000.Current price is: ₨28,749.

Original price was: ₨88,000.Current price is: ₨52,999.

Ironing is an old-fashioned method to remove wrinkles from fabric; however, it is challenging. So, a better alternative has been developed which is garment steamers which keep your clothes fresher longer and reduce damage caused by washing frequently and ironing.

Types of Garment Steamers and Price Analysis

1. Upright Stand Garment Steamer – Rs10450 Starting Price

The standing or upright steamer is among the most well-known types. These garments steamers come with rods so that you can hang your clothes with them. This is helpful if you do not have a hanger or wish to make sure that it does not crease the clothing while working on it.

2. Handheld Garment Steamer – Rs4999 Starting Price

If you don’t have much space in your home, do not want to spend money on a standing steamer, or haven’t ever used a steamer before, this might be the ideal steamer.
It’s economic, simple. Portable, and performs the basic function.

Why You Should Use a Garment Steamer: Unique Features

Safe & Gentle

  • Steamers, unlike irons, don’t physically touch the fabric, reducing the risk of burning or creasing.
  • Safe for delicate clothes, steamers provide effective wrinkle removal without the worry of damage.

Kills Bacteria 

  • Steam in clothing kills bacteria and removes odors from sweat or harsh chemicals.
  • Your clothes will smell fresher and cleaner, enhancing overall freshness.


  • Steamers, with their versatile shape, efficiently remove wrinkles and eliminate bacteria and odors.
  • High-quality steamers work on various fabrics without causing burns.
  • Ideal for refreshing curtains, bedding, pillows, rugs, and more.

Lowest Garment Steamer price in Pakistan Jul 2024



Black+Decker 1500W HST1500-B5 Portable Garment SteamerRs. 16,900
KION Garment Steamer With Iron Board KGC/1005Rs. 11,250
Philips Easy Touch Stand Steamer GC486/39Rs. 28,999
Philips Handheld Garment Steamer GC-362/88Rs. 15,999
Geepas Garment Steamer GGS9695Rs. 19,499
Philips Garment Steamer GC558/39Rs. 52,999

Famous Garment Steamer Brands in Pakistan with Price Comparison.

A lot of imported electronic brands are now selling garment steamers in Pakistan. All of them have all types of garment steamers. Here are some of the brands that are providing online customer services all over Pakistan.

Garment Steamer Brands
Price Range in PKR
11,250 – 52,999
8,999 – 22,000
21499 – 23450
11,000 – 23999
Tefal 23,500
Dawlance 12,200
Cambridge 19,450
DSP 15990

What to consider before buying a Garment Steamer?

Electricity Consumption

  • Check the power and energy consumption information for garment steamers.
  • Larger steamers can reduce dry cleaning costs for pressing.
  • Steamers’ electricity usage is measured in watts, ranging from 200 to over 1,000 watts.

Water Supply & Water Tank Capacity

  • Consider water tank capacity when choosing a garment steamer.
  • Smaller tanks may need more frequent refilling, suitable for travel but less convenient for home use.
  • Tank sizes vary from 1 to 3.3 liters across different models.

Heat Up Time

  • Consider the heating time when choosing a garment steamer.
  • Opt for models with quick warm-up times; the best steamers heat up in just 40 seconds.
  • Ideal for those who prioritize efficiency and convenience.

Temperature & Steam Setting

  • Consider the steam setting when choosing a steamer; different fabrics require specific settings.
  • Adjustable temperature and steam settings are crucial for safe and effective use on various fabrics.
  • For instance, high steam is suitable for cotton, but caution is needed with delicate fabrics like wool, silk, or polyester.


Does steaming cause damage to clothes?

If you choose the correct steamer, the garment will not be damaged. Test the steamer using a small piece of fabric to make sure it is safe. As we mentioned before, be certain to check the description and manual to learn more about the features.