Boss Geyser Price in Pakistan

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Boss is the oldest home appliance manufacturing company with top of a line water geysers collection. We have discussed the available types of boss geysers, that would you to better decide and reduce the price.

Types Of Boss Geysers

There are 2 nominal types of water geysers manufactured by Boss, which are mentioned below

  1. Boss Instant Gas Geysers
  2. Boss Instant Electric Geysers

Boss Gas Instant Geysers

Boss Instant Gas geyser has many valuable features such as strong magnesium filament, overheat control, overpressure defense, valve security, etc. This geyser is started with low pressure and the tub is covered with pigment making it rust-proof providing clean and healthy water when you need it. A glass-lined tank and a super insolation layer are also included.

Electric Instant Geysers

Boss Electric geyser has thermal sensors that help to keep the device’s temperature not overheating. These geysers can warm up 50 liters of water at one time. Their size is very small so they can b easily installed anywhere. This geyser has an IC ignition system, so when the tap is open, it automatically started and heating up water. The inner part is coated with enamel that makes it rust-proof.

Price of Boss Geyser in Pakistan Apr 2024:

Their geysers prices are more affordable than the other available brands in the market. A premium quality boss geyser would cost you around 19,500/- PKR.
Overall the boss geyser has many latest features that make it perfect for everyone. So If you want a long-lasting geyser, the boss geyser should be your first choice on your list.



Boss Instant Electric Geyser Supreme Series - 10CL/15CL/25CL/50CLRs. 19,500