Mini Fridge Price in Pakistan

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Everyone knows that refrigerators consume a lot of space. Especially in offices or hotel rooms, a bulky fridge can make these rooms smaller. To provide ample space to users, a mini-fridge was introduced.
These are small size refrigerators whose top can be utilized as a shelf. They work like a regular refrigerator. They even have a small freezer. They are equipped with all the qualities of a full-size refrigerator and can be easily carried from one place to another.

Significance of Mini Fridge

Weather conditions in Pakistan are severe. Many food items can’t resist the heat and get spoiled easily. Many small rooms, hostels, and flat owners can’t afford large fridges due to their huge bills and large size. The mini-fridge is the ideal choice in these conditions.
They save both your space and electric bills. They are usually used in boys’ hostels, medical shops, offices, and hotel rooms.


Its small size allows it to be lightweight. The amount of time it requires to cool is also significantly reduced as the overall area is smaller. This compactness allows them to be lifted & repositioned easily. This is the primary reason for them to be used under the counter or side table.

Less Expensive (Upfront Cash & Electric Bills Saver)

A full-sized refrigerator would come with a separate freezer that would require a large compressor. It would consume around 700 watts. Compared to that, a small refrigerator would have a small compressor installed in it. That might consume around 150-250 watts of electricity. So if you don’t have to store tons of items, this refrigerator should be your get-to-go choice.

Types of Mini-fridge

Mini-fridges, often known as tiny refrigerators, range from 1.5 cubic feet to 4.5 cubic feet. Based on their size, only 2 types of refrigerators are available in Pakistan.

Cube-shaped Mini-fridge

It’s the most popular mini refrigerator in Pakistan. Their small size allows you to store many items inside them, like cold drinks, milk, cans, insulin injections, and other food items. Their main disadvantage is that most of them don’t have a deep freezer compartment. Their Usual Capacity is around 2 cubic feet. Their height is equal to their width and is called a cubical mini-refrigerator.

Mid-sized Mini fridge

Mid-sized refrigerators are ideal for workplaces, such as medical stores, hostels, and offices. These refrigerators are vertical rectangular, which means their height is more than their width. They also have a small built-in freezer. The Capacity of the mid-sized fridge is around 3 cubic feet.

Brands of Mini Fridge

When it comes to the brands and companies that manufacture the mini-fridges, many local and international names come in the list, including

  • Waves
  • Dawlance
  • PEL
  • Orient
  • Samsung
  • Haier
  • Geepas

What to Consider Before Buying

If you are looking for a mini-fridge for your office or home use, you better read our absolute guide for buying a small refrigerator.

Mini Fridge price in Pakistan


If you have moderate needs, you can go for a midsize mini-fridge to keep food and drink together. On the other hand, if you need to save just a few cold drinks and eating stuff, the cube-shaped mini-fridge is a better option. On average, a 4cu foot, the small ref is often purchased a lot.

Power/Energy Consumption

If you are buying a mini-fridge, you must think of electricity? Don’t you? The Mini Fridge takes less energy than large refrigerators. These mini-fridges work on a compressor-powered system that utilizes less electricity and brings more output. Usually, a small fridge would consume 150 watts of power.

Freezer or No Freezer

The mini-fridge with a freezer might be cheaper, but spending a couple of thousand rupees would make you proud of your decision in the future.

Defrosting System

When you run the fridge continuously, the refrigerant starts forming ice at the mini-fridge size. It would help if you had some mechanism for removing such frost. New models come with no frost inner sides that don’t allow ice walls to build around the sides of the refrigerator.


Buying a mini-fridge without money-saving intentions is unbelievable. So if we are paying less, we must be aware of the small ref that is being sold to us. Having an idea of the mini-fridge’s usual prices can help us get out of a marketing scam, and we can easily detect substandard or B-pair small fridges.

How to make your mini-fridge work efficiently

Following are things that can make your mini-fridge work better and efficiently for a long time.

  • Keep everything organized, as you already have less space.
    Keep the door shut when not used because they don’t have a heavy compressor.
    Do not put too close to the wall or any surface and leave some space from the backside, as fresh air can cross through the condenser wire.
    Although the top can be used on a shelf, you should not place heavy things on the top of the fridge.