Hair Curler Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Hair Curler in Pakistan is Rs 4,800. Most expensive Hair Curler can cost you around Rs 18,000 while a normal hair curler can esaily be bought around Rs 12,200.

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A hair curler is known as a curling iron or curling wand used to curl hair. It comprises a heated metal, ceramic, or tourmaline barrel to wrap hair around and create curls. It comes in different sizes and shapes to create different curls, from tight ringlets to loose beachy waves. If you want to buy a hair curler for yourself, this buying guide includes everything you should know.

Types of Hair Curlers in Pakistan

Barrel Type Curlers

These curlers are common and available in different sizes of curling irons, either 1 inch or 1 1 1/2 – inch. They work for a variety of lengths and textures. These are perfect for those who have short hair or full hair-length hair and want to define their hair more. They need to choose the barrel length per the hair length.

Multiple Barrel Curlers

These are available in several types of barrel shapes for hair curlers in the market, such as:

  • Double Barrel: They come in different sizes, with two cylindrical barrels attached to a single handle. Ideal for creating larger and looser curls.
  • Triple Barrel: These curlers come with three cylindrical barrels to create waves in the hair rather than curls.

Tapered wand

These irons have a tapered barrel which is wider at the base and narrow at the tip. They are great for natural-looking curls and looser at the ends. Tapered wands are often preferred over straight barrel curling irons or tongs to create a more relaxed look.

Bubble Wand

This curler is designed for versatility to deliver different types of textures and hairstyles for creating waves and natural bouncy curls. It quickly locks in the curl with a clamp-free wrap and design that gives natural natural-looking finish.

How To Use A Curler?

All you need to do is to follow the below steps for using curlers:

  1. Prep your hair before curl and apply primer or heat protector to avoid heat damage.
  2. Adjust the heat settings for hair type.
  3. For a big or bouncy curl look, heat the root of your hair first and hold the iron to the section you are curling.
  4. Use a different wrapping technique depending on the type of curl you want. For messier waves, leave the ends out and start lower down about 2 inches from the roots.
  5. Keep the curling iron on your hair for no longer than 10 seconds. Make sure to hold each curl for a consistent amount of time.

Things to Consider Before Buying Hair Curler In Pakistan

A curling iron is your go-to tool to create beachy waves to tight spirals, and not all irons are created equal. Here are the following things to consider before buying a curler:

Consider the barrel size

There are a lot of different wand sizes available to choose either 1 inch, 1 ½ inch, or bigger. Always choose the barrel size based on how tight or lose you want your curl. Smaller barrels are best for shorter hairstyles to give volume and curls. A larger barrel is best for long hair.

Choose the right metal

Make sure you have selected the right material. Ceramics is the common material available in curling rods that helps to distribute heat evenly. Other materials like titanium are lightweight and can handle high heat temperatures. Gold-plated hair curlers can hold high temperatures and are suitable for coarse hair.

Shape size

Some curlers are available with clamps, a traditional version of a curler, but the latest technology has a wand shape with no clamp. Cone-shaped curlers create a natural look with tighter curls towards the ends and loose at the crown.

Heat Setting

This is an essential feature because it holds and prevents hair damage. If you have fine or damaged hair, a curling rod offer lower heat settings to suit your requirement. Coarse and thick hair needs a higher heat setting. Always apply heat protectant before using any hair tool.

Best Hair Curler Price in Pakistan Oct 2023

Here are updated hair curler prices of Brands available in Pakistan.



Remington Silk Hair Curling Wand CI96Rs. 13,700
Remington Hair Curler Multistyle Interchangeable AS8670Rs. 16,500
Remington Hair Curler Keratin Protect Rotating Air AS8810Rs. 17,200
Remington Hair Curler Proluxe 4in1 Adjustable Waver CI91AWRs. 16,600
Remington Hair Curler Rotating Airstyle AS7580Rs. 17,700

Price Analysis of Hair Curler

Pricing varies from brand to brand, and features are incorporated into the curlers. Lower-priced curlers have limited features and may damage your hair, whereas high-end curlers have the latest technology to restore hair shine while curling and curls last long. Ceramic curlers are affordable as compared to titanium.

Brands for Curlers In Pakistan

  • Philips
  • Remington
  • Sencor
  • Westpoint


These are the specs of hair curlers that everyone should know. You can select the curlers as per the type or heat adjustment. So many brands in Pakistan offer lower range priced curlers to high-end. Visit to get the best quality curlers.