Heater Price in Pakistan 2024

Heater price in Pakistan starts from Rs 2,700 and goes all the way upto Rs 12,400. Average selling price of heater is Rs 5,600. We delivery heater in all major cities of Pakistan, specially in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad & Karachi.

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Over the past few years, heating technology has rapidly improved in Pakistan. In ancient times, people lit wood on fire to heat themselves which is still the cheapest solution for heating systems. With the changing time, things got upgraded, and we were given gas heaters which were more environmentally friendly than burning wood. The most basic gas heater is priced at around 10,000 rupees.

In recent years, we are facing a huge shortage of natural gas which makes cost-effective gas heaters hard to operate. This gave rise to the awareness of efficient & eco-friendly electric heaters. Although we have various types of electric heaters like oil-based, kick space, mica-based, or baseboard heaters, still people are always asking for fan heaters. Electric fireplace heating systems are also getting trendier in posh Pakistani areas like DHA and Gulberg.

With so much variety any customer can get confused regarding what to buy, so here we will give you a brief into each heater type and their price ranges. In the end, we would also recommend tips to efficiently save the cost of the heater.

Types of Room Heaters in Pakistan

There are mainly 3 types of room heaters suitable according to the climatic conditions of Pakistan. Their details are listed below

Gas Heater

Although Electric heaters are the most desired choice for any home, they are still expensive. People who can’t afford them use gas heaters. Their prices are primarily dependent on their size.

Gas heater sizes are determined according to the plate structure. These are special Heating plates that can sustain the heat for a more extended period. The structure includes a single plate, 2 plates, and 4 plates.

They usually have a metal frame with 2 modes, pilot and heating. You need to connect your gas terminal and light it up with a matchstick. Having a strong build is the reason for them to be more expensive than a normal electric heater.

Hybrid Heater

Gas heater easily fills your room with natural gas, even if gas trips for a minute. The only viable solution is to use a  hybrid heater which uses both gas and electricity. 

These heaters save you from the danger of gas load shedding as electric ignition automatically detects gas load shedding. They have a fan that rotates the hot air equally in the room. They still burn oxygen but are a lot safer than gas heaters

These heaters are recommended for traditional gas heater lovers in your room. I. Normally these improted gas & electric heaters are priced around PKR 10,000 to PKR 15,000. 

Electric Heater

Electric heaters are the most sold heater in Pakistan. The completely eliminates accidents and adverse health effects produced due to gas burning. They are best for heating indoors in a short amount of time and saving electricity efficiently. Normally they are sold for around 2,000 to 4,000 PKR. These heaters are further divided into below categories

Fan Heaters

Fan Heater is often used for centralized heating of halls and large rooms. They consume a minimum of 1000 watts and sometimes give a burning plastic smell. Due to poor quality standards, fan heater price in Pakistan is heavily dependent on their body. Low-priced fan heaters usually have low-grade plastic. That’s why we recommend you check the quality of the plastic instead of the fan speed or function before you purchase one.

Quartz Heaters

Quartz Heaters are mainly used for outdoor heating. They have a quartz tube built by melting natural quartz crystals. A single quartz rod can last as long as 2 years and utilize around 400 watts. Quartz heaters are usually priced at around one thousand to three thousand PKR.

Ceramic Heater

They provide you with smell-free naturally heated air. Unlike fan heaters, they have ceramic stones inside them. A blower at the back throws air that gets heated when it passes through that heated stone. Although they are a little expensive but they provide quality airflow. The price of a Ceramic heater in Pakistan is around 4,000 PKR.

Carbon Tube Heaters

Carbon Heaters are the most energy-efficient heaters. They have a carbon rod, which can adjust their temperature. They can work even at 100 watts. Although the price of the carbon heater is around 3,000 PKR they would save you huge money spent on electric bills otherwise.

Halogen Heaters

They work on the same principle as Quartz heaters but are more efficient in warming due to halogen gas tubes. They aren’t as bright as quartz heaters but last longer than quartz tubes. That’s why the price of a halogen heater is a little higher than quartz heater.

Oil Heater

They are also called Radiator heaters and are common in houses where people don’t want to drag heaters with them. Neither have a heating duct in their ceiling nor want a gas combustion solution for heating. These heaters are ideal for the bedroom as they don’t burn anything. Instead, they rely on the electric power supply and mineral oil. The oil in the reservoir heats up and transmits its thermal energy all around your room without any health hazard effects. 

They are generally the most potent heating solution after gas combustion. Oil heaters have efficient safety mechanisms, like tilt power cut-off and automatic temperature control systems. A normal oil hater is priced around 15k to 25k in Pakistan. They are a bit expensive but save you a lot of trouble with other conventional heating solutions.

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Heater Buying Guide for Price Reduction

Through years of selling experience, our expert advice always helps our buyers to narrow down their search for a suitable heater. So they can save both, upfront and long-term operational costs of heaters. 


A good heater fulfills your buying purpose. E.g., some people want a heater for their office or workspace. In that case, a small electric heater would be a get-go choice. These small heaters usually cost around 1,000/- to 1,500/- in Pakistan.

We often come across requirements for a heater in the open air; a Quartz heater fulfills this requirement. This 

In lots of open-seating restaurants, they have used a space heater. But if the space is quite wide, we recommend a patio heater due to its intense heat. This heater can be quite expensive, around 15,000/- PKR.

Energy Saving

Sometimes people demand a room heater for their bedrooms and tv lounges. That would continuously work for 8-9 hours. In that case, we recommend Carbon heaters. So far, it’s the most energy-efficient heater that can operate on 100 watts.

Environmentally Friendly

Many people want an economical heater that doesn’t pollute their environment as they want it just for personal use. They could buy plain infrared heaters.

Note: A single quartz tube has a life of 2 years.


Before buying, you must always consider the space in which you want your heater to adjust. Some people prefer large heaters due to the dedicated artificial furnace space in the house, while others demand a small heater that is easily carried between places. We also received a few queries for a portable fan heater that operates on a battery. But we don’t recommend those, as they drain the battery within minutes of their use.


If we make a fair comparison, our winner would be an Electric Heater. It consumes less energy, warms your indoors in less time, is more eco-friendly than any other solution, and consumes less space. On top of these, they also have far more advanced operations and extra safety features.

Heater Prices in 2024:

A regular heater might cost you as low as 1000/- PKR and as much as 10,000/- PKR, but we don’t recommend them based on price. We believe that the worth of the heater isn’t decided by upfront money but by the long-term savings it provides.

For that reason, we always recommend Carbon Heater to our customers, which takes as low as the power consumption of a single fan.

Complete Price List of Heaters in Pakistan 2024

Heaters are essentials of life, for which we bring for you an updated list of best heater price in Pakistan.

Famous Brands of Heaters

Mostly, the New heater’s bands (including local and internal/imported) include Annex, Simbo, black and decker, Panasonic, Rinnai, Geepas, NTN, and GREE. All of these brands offer distinct features to their customers. Few also offer hybrid heaters that operate on gas and electricity.

Why Buying Heater from Shopping Jin is Safe and Recommended?

Shopping Jin is one of the largest importer of heaters & Geysers in Pakistan. We provide the most diverse and latest collection of heaters at the best price in Pakistan.

As we import directly from abroad, we always ensure that the items are essentially the same as conveyed on the box. For that reason, we test every available heater ourselves before shipping. If it fits our criteria, then we make them available to customers.

Our prices never compromise the quality of products. Other e-stores in Pakistan sell heaters with a 50%-200% profit margin, but we care for our customers and provide them the same product at the best affordable rates throughout the country. We provide almost free delivery throughout Lahore, Faisalabad, Bahawalpur, Quetta, Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi and all other cities of Pakistan if you purchase bulk.