Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Air Fryer in Pakistan is Rs 15,400. Most expensive Air Fryer can cost you around Rs 119,900 while a normal air fryer can esaily be bought around Rs 39,300.

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Air fryers are a relatively a new addition to the kitchen appliance as is getting popularity in Pakistan day by day. As they provide healthy fried food with less or no oil and minimal fat when compared to traditional deep fryers.

Here is a complete guide about air fryers – their working, benefits and types. In later section we will also unveil price of air fryer in Pakistan of different brands and types.

How Does an Air Fryer Work

Lets have a look on how an air fryer works and how its different form traditional frying.

The air fryer has an non stick basket or pot with a handle where you put food items. Afterward, electric heating element inside the air fryer heats up and circulate hot air around food items at high speed resulting in fast cooking of food items by using only hot air.

The shape of air fryer is designed so that the food is evenly cooked/fryer. you can also add some oil or egged flour to get a juicy or a crispy fried food respectively.

This method of cooking is much healthier and faster than most frying methods. This air frying process uses less oil because there is no need for excess fat to be absorbed into the food during cooking.

The air frying process also results in a crispier texture compared to what you would get from a traditional oven or stovetop method of cooking.

Air-fried food items have far lower calories than deep-fried ones. An air fryer is a must if you care about your health and looking to lose some weight.

Types of Air Fryer

Below are 2 main types of air fryers which are available in Pakistan,

Basket Air Fryers

These are the most in-demand air fryers as they have a dedicated frying basket and compact is size with egged shape to give you evenly fried food.

There are a lot of options for these baskets, which can easily allow tossing or rotisserie spits. There are some air fryers that can even grill food like sandwiches, cheese toast, etc.

Convection Oven Air Fryer

These oven-shaped frying machines use hot air generated from multiple fans inside the body. They are suitable for large size food item as it will consume a lot of energy to fry/bake/cook small foods.

Comparatively, these oven air fryers does not have the curved design to evenly fry food item. However, a few improved versions passes hot currents form all sides, thus increasing efficiency and quality.


We would recommend Basket air fryers as they are faster and more efficient than convection ovens air fryers as they are equipped with large fans. They almost save 70% of your overall time.

Sizes of Air Fryers

It would help if you bought air fryers according to the size of your family. They are usually measured in liters. The standard air fryer can range from 0.5 to 5 liters. A convection oven air fryer is a bit larger, which can range from 20 to 50 liters.

Benefits of Air Fryers Over Deep Frying

Here are some straightforward benefits of air fryers

Air Fryer Price in Pakistan and its Benefits

Odour Less Cooking

When frying in oil, there is usually a lot of smell and smoke, but not in the case of air fryer as it uses no or very little oil and the pot is non-stick which can be easily washed.

Less Cooking Time

You can prepare delicious French fries, fried chicken, roasted potatoes, etc., in less time compared to deep-frying due to low-pressure conditions.

Healthy and Safe Food

Deep fryers cook food below the boiling point of water, making them unhealthy and unsafe cooking methods as harmful bacteria are not sterilized the food. In contrast, the temperature of an air fryer can go even upto 250 °C killing all harmful bacteria.

Minimal Oil or No Usage

As air fryer primary uses hot air currents, it requires minimal or no additional oil content, thus it is much healthier and hygienic than deep fryer.

Upto 90% Less Fat

Instead of adding oil & fats, some advance air fryers (like Philips/ Tefal / Sencor) even extract extra fat content form the food that is collected in the basin below the basket. Thus ensuring upto 90% less fat content in you fried food.

No Pre heating

Air frying does not require preheating, so you can directly put fish or meat into an air fryer basket. It will cook within minutes, making them a healthier option than a traditional oven or grill method of making fish or chicken items.

Energy Saving of Air Fryer

Traditionally, the oil needs to be heated up before being put into it, but no heating is required since an air fryer uses air. This results in lower power consumption and less chance of catching fire due to dripping of hot fat, which is very common with traditional methods of making snacks like samosa & jalebi etc. Air fryers are usually available in the 1600 watt to 2200 watts power range.

Updated List of Air Fryer Price in Pakistan 2023

It’s all up to your needs what type of air fryer will work best for you; They are usually less expensive per square inch of cooking space. So pick the one that serves your purpose without being heavy on your pocket.

Price Value Analysis of Air Fryer in Pakistan

If you go for a local and well-reputed brand like Dawlance, Westpoint, National, Haier, etc, then these Air Fryer prices in Pakistan for a standard 3 Liter would be around 20,000PKR,

But if you select a multinational air fryer like Philips, Tefal, Senco, etc then the price of these air fryers will be about 5,000PKR more than the local brands.

Whereas if you go for a non-branded or less reputed Chinese origin brand, you can save up to 5,000PKR for the same size air fryer as of local brand.

Brands of Air Fryer in Pakistan

Some renowned brands of air fryers in Pakistan are;

  • Philips
  • Tefal
  • Dawlance
  • DSP
  • Anex
  • Westpoint
  • Sencor

You can also find some uncommon brands in the market, but we recommend you to buy only of above reputed brands in Pakistan.

Tips For Buying an Air Fryer

You should consider the following factors to buy an air fryer in Pakistan.

Temperature Range.

Research have proven that quicker you fry your food, the more healthy food you get. Therefore, you should consider the upper temperature limit of and air fryer.

We recommend the maximum temperature to be at least upto 250 °C.

Nonsticky Coating

Air fryers with nonstick coating are easier to clean. So pick the one that has no sticky coating on the inside.


The price of the air fryer in Pakistan is highly dependent on the brand and features and size. A standard air fryer would cost you around 25,000/-. We have already mentioned a decriptive overview of the air fryer prices.


Air fryers, which come with air frying accessories like an air frying rack, tongs, etc., are more convenient for cooking different types of food items.

Multiple Dish

Air fryers with a single dish like an air fryer basket where you put all food items are perfect for making snacks. Still, if you want to make an entire meal in an air fryer, then multiple dish air fryers are the best suitable option.

Double Protection

Air fryers with double protection have a gap between the heating compartment and the body of air fryer. Thus the handle stays cool while heating of food. Make sure that you air fryer have such feature.


If you have a small family and do not need an air fryer for commercial purposes, then going with smaller air fryers will be good. A small air fryer is better because the size of the basket limits how much food it can hold at one time. In short, If you want an air fryer for one or two people, look out for air fryer models that can prepare a meal equivalent to two servings at once.


In general, air fryers that have fewer features and fewer controls are less expensive than those with full-featured LCD displays, programmable timers, and built-in recopies.


Before buying any product, check for original manufacturer’s warranty. Air fryers of reputed brands usually come with at least one-year limited warranty in Pakistan,

However, some imported  high-end brands with no after-sales in Pakistan do not offer warranty in Pakistan.

Shortcomings of an Air Fryer You Must Know!

  1. As its a emerging concept of frying food user must know the peculiar conditions for each recipe to ensure the health advantages of air fryer.
  2. Air fryer is a dedicated unit which is for fried food lovers. Though you can heat, or bake in it, still it have very specific use.
  3. If you are looking to fry / cook bigger meal then air fryer might no be a suitable option as their maximum size in limited to 5 Liter. Its rare that you find an air fryer of much bigger size.


Although we recommend you to buy an air fryer for healthy meals, it would still help if you made a wise decision. In our view, the above guide is quite sufficient for you to make that decision. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.









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