Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

Starting price of Air Fryer in Pakistan is Rs 17,400. Most expensive Air Fryer can cost you around Rs 98,400 while a normal air fryer can esaily be bought around Rs 39,000.

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Air fryers are a relatively new addition to kitchen appliance as is getting popularity in Pakistan every day. They provide healthy fried food with less or no oil and minimal fat compared to traditional deep fryers.

Here is a complete guide about air fryers – their working, benefits, and types. In the later section, we will also unveil price of air fryer in Pakistan of different brands and types.

How Does an Air Fryer Work

  • The air fryer features a nonstick basket or pot with a handle for placing food items.
  • The electric heating element inside the air fryer rapidly circulates hot air at high speed, ensuring fast and even cooking of the food using only hot air.
  • The design of the air fryer is crafted to promote even cooking and frying of food items.
  • To enhance flavor and texture, users can add oil or egged flour for juicier or crispier fried food, respectively.
  • The air frying process yields a crispier texture compared to traditional oven or stovetop cooking methods.

Types of Air Fryer

Below are 4 main types of air fryers which are available in Pakistan,

Basket Air Fryers

These top-rated air fryers are sought after for their dedicated frying basket and compact, egg-shaped design, ensuring uniform frying. With versatile basket options, including tossing or rotisserie spits, some models even offer grilling capabilities for foods like sandwiches and cheese toast.

Here is our recommended Basket Air Fryers: Philips Essential Air Fryer, Kenwood Digital Air Fryer.

Air Fryer with Stirrer

These Air Fryers feature a built-in stirring mechanism. It eliminates the need for manual shaking or stirring of ingredients during the cooking process. This feature ensures even cooking and crispiness by automatically agitating the food inside the fryer.

Here is our recommended Stirrer Air Fryers: Air Fryer with Stirrer.

Convection Oven Air Fryer

Oven-shaped air fryers utilize hot air from multiple internal fans. While suitable for larger food items, they may be less energy-efficient for small foods. Unlike their compact counterparts, these fryers lack a curved design for even frying. Some enhanced models, however, circulate hot air from all sides, improving efficiency and quality.
Here is our recommended Convection Oven Air Fryers: Angeleno 25 Liter Air Fryer & Baking Oven.

Steam Air Fryer

The steam air fryer is a novel addition to the market, offering more moist, juicy, and tender results through its unique steam feature. This type of air fryer provides a broad range of recipe options, including steamed and fried vegetables, delicate seafood, and even desserts like cakes and puddings.
Here is our recommended Steam Air Fryers: Kalite Steam Air Fryer, Unie Steam Air Fryer.


We recommend Basket air fryers as they are faster and more efficient than convection ovens as they are equipped with large fans. They save almost 70% of your overall time and if you can get a steam air fryer with 2in1 feature, then it is absolutely the best option.

Sizes of Air Fryers

It would help if you bought air fryers according to the size of your family. They are usually measured in liters. The standard air fryer can range from 0.5 to 7 liters. A convection oven air fryer is a bit larger, which can range from 20 to 50 liters.

Benefits of Air Fryers Over Deep Frying

Here are some straightforward benefits of air fryers

Air Fryer Price in Pakistan and its Benefits

Odour Less Cooking

  • Air fryers produce minimal smell and smoke compared to traditional frying in oil.
  • They use little to no oil.
  • Non-stick pots allow for easy cleaning.

Less Cooking Time

  • Air fryers cook French fries, fried chicken, roasted potatoes, etc., faster than deep-frying.
  • Thanks to low-pressure conditions, the cooking time is reduced.

Healthy and Safe Food

  • Deep fryers cook below the boiling point, potentially unsafe and unhealthy.
  • Air fryers reach temperatures up to 250°C, eliminating harmful bacteria for safer cooking.

Minimal Oil or No Usage

  • Air fryers use hot air currents, minimizing or eliminating the need for extra oil.
  • This makes them healthier and more hygienic compared to deep fryers.

Upto 90% Less Fat

  • Advanced air fryers (Philips, Tefal, Sencor) extract excess fat, ensuring up to 90% less fat in fried food.
  • No need for extra oil, making them a healthier option.

No Pre heating

  • No preheating needed in air fryers; place fish or meat directly for quick, healthy cooking.
  • Healthier than traditional oven or grill methods, with speedy results in minutes.

Energy Saving of Air Fryer

  • Lower power consumption (typically 1600W to 2200W) reduces the risk of fire from dripping hot fat.

Updated List of Air Fryer Price in Pakistan Dec 2023

It’s all up to your needs what type of air fryer will work best for you; They are usually less expensive per square inch of cooking space. So pick the one that serves your purpose without being heavy on your pocket.



Kangaroo Air Fryer with Stirrer KG65AF 6.5LiterRs. 20,999
Kenwood Digital Air Fryer HFP30.000 3.8LRs. 27,499
Philips Air Fryer HD9740 5.5 Liter (Copy)Rs. 26,499
Westpoint Air Fryer WF-5255Rs. 23,090
Saachi 8.0L Air Fryer NL-AF-4781BK with an LED Display Touch PanelRs. 27,999
Kenwood Healthy Fryer HFP80.000 7LRs. 44,499
Westpoint Air Fryer WF-5254Rs. 23,090
Sencor SFR6100BK Air Fryer 6LRs. 47,499

Price Value Analysis of Air Fryer in Pakistan

If you go for a local and well-reputed brand like Dawlance, Westpoint, National, Haier, etc, then these Air Fryer prices in Pakistan for a standard 3.5 Liter would be around 24,000PKR,

But if you select a multinational air fryer like Philips, Tefal, Senco, etc then the price of these air fryers will be about 7,000PKR more than the local brands.

Whereas if you go for a non-branded or less reputed Chinese origin brand, you can save up to 5,000PKR for the same size air fryer as of local brand.

Brands of Air Fryer in Pakistan with Price Comparison

Air Fryer Brand Air Fryer Price Range in Rs.
Philips 26,900 – 55,300
Tefal 35,000 – 56,599
Dawlance 29,750 – 57999
DSP 17,499 – 52,400
Anex 22,350 – 36,250
Westpoint 27,500 – 50,000
Sencor 24,999 – 47,499
Unie 27499

Tips For Buying an Air Fryer

You should consider the following factors to buy an air fryer in Pakistan.

Temperature Range.

  • Research shows faster frying equals healthier food.
  • Consider air fryers with an upper limit of at least 200°C for optimal results.

Nonsticky Coating

  • Choose air fryers with nonstick coating for easy cleaning.
  • Opt for models without a sticky coating for hassle-free maintenance.


  • Air fryer prices in Pakistan vary based on brand, features, and size.
  • A standard model typically costs around 28,000/-. Check the detailed overview for more information.


  • Air fryers with accessories (rack, tongs, etc.) offer added convenience for versatile cooking.
  • Consider models that come with these extras for a more enjoyable cooking experience.

Multiple Dish

  • Exactly! Single-dish air fryers are perfect for snacks, while multi-dish options offer versatility for full meals.

Double Protection

  • Look for air fryers with double protection for a gap between the heating compartment and the body.
  • This design keeps the handle cool during cooking, ensuring safety.


  • For small families, opt for smaller air fryers tailored for domestic use.
  • Choose a size that suits your needs, as smaller models are ideal for one or two people.


  • Air fryers with fewer features and controls are generally more budget-friendly.
  • Models with full-featured displays, timers, and built-in recipes tend to be pricier.

Steam Feature

  • For tender, juicer food and diverse recipes, consider an air fryer with a steam feature.
  • This feature enhances cooking options and results in more flavorful meals.

Here is our recommended Steam Air Fryers: Kalite Steam Air Fryer, Unie Steam Air Fryer.


  • Before buying any product, check for the original manufacturer’s warranty. Air fryers of reputed brands usually come with at least one-year limited warranty in Pakistan,

However, some imported high-end brands with no after-sales in Pakistan do not offer warranties in Pakistan.

Shortcomings of an Air Fryer You Must Know!

  1. As it is an emerging concept of frying food, users must know the peculiar conditions for each recipe to ensure the health advantages of the air fryers.
  2. An air fryer is a dedicated unit which is for fried food lovers. Though you can heat or bake in it, it still has a very specific use.
  3. If you are looking to fry/cook a bigger meal, then an air fryer might not be a suitable option as their maximum size in limited to 5 Liter. It’s rare that you find an air fryer of a much bigger size.


Although we recommend you to buy an air fryer for healthy meals, it would still help if you made a wise decision. In our view, the above guide is quite sufficient for you to make that decision. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.