Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

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Price of Air Fryer in Pakistan starts from RS 15,800. Normally air fryer would cost you around RS 37,400. Some commonly sold air fryer includes, DSP Air Fryer 2.5 Liter, Philips Premium Air Fryer XXL HD9654/91, Philips Essential Air Fryer HD9200 and Dawlance Airfryer Microwave Oven DW-550.

Air fryers are a relatively new addition to the kitchen appliance market, but they have already become popular with those who want a healthy lifestyle. It is a very simple device that uses hot air to cook food items, it does not use oil like traditional deep frying, making it a much healthier option.

Here we will go over some tips and suggestions on how to buy an air fryer as well as discuss the basic working principle behind it.

How Does an Air Fryer Work

The air fryer has an electrically powered metal basket with a handle where you put food items. Afterward, electric heating elements heat up and circulate hot air around food items at high speed resulting in cooking the food items using only hot air inside the basket.

This method of cooking is much healthier and faster than most frying methods. This air frying process uses less oil because there is no need for excess fat to be absorbed into the food during cooking. The air frying process also results in a crispier texture compared to what you would get from a traditional oven or stovetop method of cooking. Air-fried food items have far lower calories than deep-fried ones. An air fryer is a must if you care about your health and looking to lose some weight.

Types of Air Fryer

Below are 2 main types of air fryers which are available in Pakistan,

Basket Air Fryers

These are the most in-demand air fryers as they have a dedicated frying basket. You can easily cook multiple batches, just like a traditional deep fryer. Air flows from the fan located at the top of the frying machine. It passes through the heating element and fries the food. There are a lot of options for these baskets, which can easily allow tossing or rotisserie spits. There are some air fryers that can even grill food like sandwiches, cheese toast, etc.

Convection Oven Air Fryer

These oven-shaped frying machines use hot air generated from multiple fans inside the body. They are large in size, and heat flows from both directions, top, and bottom.


We would recommend Basket air fryers as they are faster and more efficient than convection ovens air fryers as they are equipped with large fans. They almost save 70% of your overall time.

Sizes of Air Fryers

It would help if you bought air fryers according to the size of your family. They are usually measured in liters. The standard air fryer can range from 0.5 to 4 liters. A convection oven air fryer is a bit larger, which can range from 20 to 50 liters.

Benefits Over Deep Frying

Air fryers have simple controls and are quite easy to use. Due to their rapid air technology without oil, there is no need to risk fire accidents. Besides this, there are a lot of benefits of using an air fryer than a deep fryer. A few of them are discussed below.

Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

Odour Less Cooking

There is no smell left after using an air fryer like when we cook something on a stovetop or oven. The basket is usually nonsticky and can be easily washed.

Less Cooking Time

You can prepare delicious French fries, fried chicken, roasted potatoes, etc., in less time compared to deep-frying. Their cooking isn’t dependent on the atmosphere either. they can be used almost everywhere, even at high altitudes where other cooking appliances cannot be used because they require low-pressure conditions.

Minimal Oil Usage

Deep fryers cook food below the boiling point of water, making them unhealthy and unsafe cooking methods as harmful bacterias grow in the form of chemicals when food is fried. In contrast, Air fryers are a better option for cooking delicacies in low oil.

Due to all the above phenomena, air-fried food gives us a crispy exterior and a juicy interior. In short, air frying is an alternative way of cooking without using oil. So if you want to make your kids eat healthy foods, then this cooking machine would become your fast friend.

Auto Shut-off

There is no risk of burning yourself while using it as air fryers have an auto shut-off feature that turns off the device after the selected time period and does not require preheating oven like the traditional frying method. All you need to do is put the item in the air fryer basket and press the timer on the air dryer. Then, it will start cooking automatically. Once the selected time is completed, air fryers make healthy snacks like french fries, samosa, tikka, etc.

No Pre heating

Air frying does not require preheating, so you can directly put fish or meat into an air fryer basket. It will cook within minutes, making them a healthier option than a traditional oven or grill method of making fish or chicken items.

Energy/Power Saving of Air Fryer

Traditionally, the oil needs to be heated up before being put into it, but no heating is required since an air fryer uses air. This results in lower power consumption and less chance of catching fire due to dripping of hot fat, which is very common with traditional methods of making snacks like samosa & jalebi etc. Air fryers are usually available in the 1600 watt to 2200 watts power range.

Tips For Buying an Air Fryer

Before buying an air fryer, some factors should be considered, such as the maximum temperature limit of the device, how long it takes for heating up, what type of foods the air dryer can cook, etc.

Nonsticky Coating

Air fryers with nonstick coating are easier to clean. So pick the one that has no sticky coating on the inside.


the price range of the air fryers varies from model to model. A standard air fryer would cost you around 30,000/-. Below is a descriptive overview of the air fryer prices.

New Model Air Fryer Pricelist for Pakistan

It’s all up to your needs what type of air fryer will work best for you; They are usually less expensive per square inch of cooking space. So pick the one that serves your purpose without being heavy on your pocket.


Air fryers, which come with air frying accessories like an air frying rack, tongs, etc., are more convenient for cooking different types of food items. You could buy them separately too, but do ask the seller if the underlying fryer accessories are easily available in the market or not.

Multiple Dish

Air fryers with a single dish like an air fryer basket where you put all food items are perfect for making snacks. Still, if you want to make an entire meal in an air fryer, then multiple dish air fryers are the best suitable option, or a flat air dryer with a base-like surface on the bottom is suitable for whole meals in one go.


If you have a small family and do not need an air fryer for commercial purposes, then going with smaller air fryers will be good. A small air fryer is better because the size of the basket limits how much food it can hold at one time. In short, If you want an air fryer for one or two people, look out for air fryer models that can prepare a meal equivalent to two servings at once.


In general, air fryers that have fewer features and fewer controls are less expensive than those with full-featured LCD displays and programmable timers.


Before buying any product, check their manufacturer’s website first. Air fryers usually come with a one-year limited warranty, however, some imported brands with no after-sales in Pakistan do not offer warranty in Pakistan.

Possible Disadvantages of Air Fryer

  1. Air fryer needs a little time to heat up the air, delaying the starting time for cooking, but this amount of time is very short compared to traditional deep frying, which requires a much larger start-up time.
  2. The air dryer has only one basket, which means air frying needs more time to cook food items than the air fryer. The air dryer requires constant supervision during the cooking process. Else your air-fried food will burn within minutes.
  3. Air fryers are not a good choice if you want to cook a large number of food items at the same time. Fryer can only handle a small number of food items at a given time.

Although we recommend you buy an air fryer for healthy meals, it would still help if you made a wise decision. In our view, the above guide is quite sufficient for you to make that decision. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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