Kenwood Washing Machine Price in Pakistan

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A few years back Kenwood broadened its manufacturing to include washing machines too. Now, Kenwood offers a large selection of washing machines to satisfy all sorts of needs from its clients. Kenwood washing machines are quite unique in terms of design and efficiency. In this guide, we would discuss various features of the Kenwood washing machine.


The following are the two broad types

  • Single Tub
  • Twin Tub
  • Semi-automatic
  • Fully-automatic

Kenwood Single Tub Washing Machine

A single tub washing machine is an example of Kenwood’s hydro spin and hydro wash series. The high-quality spinner, fast wash cycle, efficient performance, rapid wash cycle, and child lock are all included in these washing machines.

Kenwood Twin Tub Washing Machine

The cyclone wash series and turbo wash series are two examples of twin tub washing machines. These devices are extremely quiet and have a capacity of 10 kg. They have a rust-proof plastic body that doubles the time and water savings, as well as a huge spin tub, a big pulsator, and a double-layer body. The turbo wash series has cutting-edge technology that washes and dries your garments with care.

Kenwood Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

The Spinner, Cyclone, and Turbo wash series are all examples of this type. These are twin tubs but come with some extra functionality. The Hydro Spinner may be found on single tub semi-automatic washing machines to speed up the drying of garments without affecting their quality. Kenwood washing machines have dual inlets to save time and water, as they are made of a rust-proof full plastic body with double outlets.

The semi-automatic category’s “turbo wash” machine range has an efficient and superior washing technology that washes and dries your clothes gently while being careful with the fabric.

The “Hydro Wash” feature, which is built-in single tub machines and removes stubborn stains like, is an advantage is that the expert will not be too harsh on the material.

Kenwood Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

Kenwood washing machines in the auto-clean category include fully automatic washers. These devices are capable of doing all of the work on their own, leaving you free to do other things while your clothes are being cleaned.
Simply, all you have to do is set the time and then press the start button. Then the machine will carry out the washing and drying process automatically.

Washing machines of this type have made laundry simpler. Spin Air Dry, child lock, magic filters, and its other programs are available with respect to their features.


Usually, the buyer wants to know about the feature of Kenwood’s fully automatic washing machine. In it, there is only one tub in which all of the functions are performed, and there are no extra hurdles. With user-friendly controls, these Kenwood washing machines from the hydro spin or hydro wash series have won over the hearts and trust of Kenwood’s valued consumers, who constantly expect the best quality goods that can provide them with maximum pleasure.
The following are a few of the reasons why the washing machines from the hydro spin or hydro wash series have been so popular:

  • Child Lock
  • Best quality spinner
  • Amazing Performance
  • Fast wash cycle

Pros & Cons

Listed below are a few of the pros and cons of these washing machines.


  • LED Display
  • 1600 RPM Speed
  • Less Price


  • Limited variety & design