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Oppo became the giant manufacturer in China by selling more than 200k handsets in 2016. After taking over in China, Oppo had made an impressive entry into the European and Pakistan smartphone market and started offering reliable, genuine, and perfect alternatives of the most expensive brands handset at amazingly affordable rates. Oppo series is full of premium smartphones with delicate yet durable designs, cameras, and updated hardware.

Oppo Series:

Oppo has launched the 3 Series till now. Here are the details

  1. Find X-Series
  2. A-Series
  3. Reno Series

Find X Series

Oppo Find X Series is a flagship line that has premium quality phones with unique designs, 5G, powerful processors, and hardware. The latest edition of Find Series can beat other high-end brands easily. These days, find X Series pro sets are popular due to the QHD+120 HZ OLED display and good color efforts. They come with a color blindness tool which is a great thing. Find X new models that have at least a 4500mAh battery; which means that you’ll get at least six-wight hours of screen time without any break or charging. Everything about the new models is super unique, reliable, and appealing.

A Series

Quality craftsmanship lasts for years, and Oppo A Series handsets are a perfect example of craft and art. These handsets are durable yet elegant. These silky, smooth-looking phones have a 90.8% screen-to-body ratio and HD AMOLED display.

The most prominent feature of the A-series is All day eye care smart AI system that automatically detects sunlight and adjusts the brightness. A Series of new featured models is significantly designed to reduce memory frag and improve data reading performance. The latest handset models have at least an 8MP main camera, 2 MP depth camera, and 2MB macro lens to capture rich details, even in the dark.

Reno Series

The Reno Series launched after the Huawei flagship line but with a 10x zoom camera. They beat Huawei flagship phones just after days of their launch. The Huawei flagship line has a 5x poor zoom camera. Oppo steps ahead by launching their Reno Series new models with a double zoom camera.

Apart from the 10xzoom camera, the Reno series also has at least a 48MP IMX58 sensor camera and an 8 MP snapper with a 120-degree field of view. New handsets have Qualcomm’s updated and outstanding Snapdragon 855 chipset paired with 256GB storage and 8GB RAM, which they are continuously upgrading. In short, we can say the Reno series has a lot to impress consumers, and it’s updating and coming with new ultra updated models. When it comes to durability, Oppo guarantees that the Reno series will last at least five years (up to 2026); pretty good, right?

Oppo Mobiles General Features

Below are a few of the oppo mobile general features


Few of Oppo handsets had a 5x periscope shooter in 2023, with an average quality zoom range. In recent years, Oppo came up with two excellent cameras in 50+MP main and 12+MP ultra-wide shooter. Both cameras deliver crisp and sharp images with the same detail and color consistency.

Although HDR effects will result in low-quality pictures. At the end of the year, Oppo has a 10x zoom camera with a 48MP sensor with ultra-wide-angle 8 MP snapper with a 1220 degree view field. Find X series models have equipped with a 10Mp front snapper 10x zoom and an LED soft flash that doesn’t hurt your eyes.

Changes from the start till now that Oppo had made are pretty impressive for cameras. Find X Series updated models have triple cameras which can easily capture rich details and miniature world details. Also, A-Series has a constellation array camera setup that captures the most pleasing images, videos, and selfies even at night.


The Find x series has a modest battery capacity upgraded from 4000mAh to 4500mAh at least. Whereas A-series models have installed a minimum of 5000mAh battery which ensures you do not need to rush to charge your phone again and again.

Reno series smallest Cellphone has a minimum of 3800mAh battery with micro SD expandability. All the series have excellent battery life and charge pretty quickly. Whenever your phone needs a boost, just plug it, and within minutes your phone will charge as it at least comes with a 15watt oppo charger.

Wireless & Fast Charging.

Oppo models have wireless charging features, which is a plus point. Although it takes longer than direct charging, it eliminates the wire tangles. Some handsets have a 30+Watt flash charge system that boosts your phone charging within minutes, and you can use it all day long.


Oppo’s new handsets are designed with a unique unibody glass available in different colours; Gloss Black, Matte Blue, White, and more colours. Find X’s latest models are designed with vegan leather. In 2020, Oppo Find X and Reno Series won the best handset design award. Find X series 2020 model also won the Swan Award in China Mobile Phone Design Competition. Oppo is still focusing on updated designs, new technology, and material.


In 2021, Oppo introduced RAM expansion technology in the Reno Series, which operates an auxiliary function that allows Reno series users to convert ROM into virtual RAM. This revolutionary expansion system can quickly maximise phone efficiency and processing. By 2023 they have further matured this technology. Now you can easily enjoy 8+GB virtual memory is just one click.

Oppo has designed the Reno series to minimise RAM Storage frag and supports 3 levels of adjustments. These adjustments allow consumers to maximise the RAM size according to their preference.


Oppo X Series’ new updated models have a scrolling display, which is a unique and impressive combination of the fixed and foldable display. The dynamic sliding frame is made from an OLED screen that extends and retracts smoothly without leaving creases. X Series updated models’ scrolling display ranges from 6.6 to 7.4 inches wide.

You can use your phone or tablet with infinite power without the screen creases most traditionally associated with folding screens. Another revolutionary step that Oppo has made is by installing an under-screen camera. This under-screen camera solution perfectly balances screen quality and camera image quality.

Under-screen cameras discreetly place the front-facing camera under the smartphone display by combining the best hardware innovation with Oppo’s own artificial intelligence algorithms. This method maintains the appearance of the entire screen.


Oppo series are equipped with Snapdragon chipsets. Find X series new handsets featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem and Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, which results in smooth streaming, and gameplay. The Reno series is fully equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G media platform, allowing an elite gaming rig. By 2023 we expect to see more advancement in processor technologies.


The Oppo smartphone range is equipped with modern connectivity options, such as a USB-C port. This USB port supports OTG and NFC functionality. The latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support versions provide a better wireless connection. Oppo handsets have a Digital Media Server that easily shares digital content with your Android phone or tablet through DLNA or the Digital Living Network Alliance.


In 2023, Oppo claims its RGBW sensor will capture 60% more light and reduce noise by 35% compared to previous generations. Oppo says it has created a new quadruple pixel binning algorithm, among other improvements. Quadruple pixel binning algorithms had previously plagued RGBW sensors. This is the first time a self-developed algorithm has been embedded in a CMOS sensor developed by a smartphone company.

When your phone is close to your ear, the proximity sensor turns off the screen, saving power and preventing the user from unintentionally activating other functions. The light sensor also regulates the brightness of your display. The proximity sensor turns off the screen when it is close to your ears in your phone, saving power and preventing you from accidentally activating other features.

The light sensor adjusts your display’s brightness based on outside conditions. Oppo’s smartphone conceals the proximity sensor through special technology. The proximity function may be affected if the proximity sensor area is covered by a film or protector.

Why Choose Oppo?

Smartphones are evolving as time passes, and the Oppo is taking the lead with amazing and updated innovative technologies. By looking at the Oppo series, you probably can imagine how much effort they put into their research and development even in this competitive environment. Their researcher uses smart and artificial intelligence to make phones even more potent for consumers.

Choosing the Oppo series according to your preferences. If you want high-quality pictures and love using an HD camera, you can choose Find X premium handsets. If you want no RAM frag, and love to collect unlimited data, and love to capture high-quality pictures, then choose the Reno series latest models. To get quality screening, you can choose A Series’s latest models. Oppo mobile price in Pakistan varies from affordable to expensive; the Find X series is quite pricey compared to other series.

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