Instant Gas Geyser Price in Pakistan

Minimum price of instant gas geyser in Pakistan is Rs 17,500. Prices of our import quality instant gas geyser are unbetable. Have a look below at our catalog.

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For years gas geysers have been the main source of water heating in Pakistan. With the development in other technologies, it has also nourished. It usually has a large tank. As soon as water consumption crosses the allocated limit, the heating effect of water starts damping.

Looking at the above drawback and the rapid advancement in electric water heating technology, Instant gas geysers were introduced. Now they are your best option for an independent system because it will allow you to have a cheap uninterrupted hot water supply.

Working of Gas Geyser

Local Pakistanis saw that the time required to heat up large amounts of water is too much. It also uses a lot of continuous energy too. Hence, they provide an energy-efficient yet highly reliable solution, instant gas geyser

These geysers have small pipe structures inside them. Coldwater flows from this pipe. This curled pipe moves through the net of copper. This whole hierarchy is called head exchanger).

From the bottom ignitors give a spark and gas jet throws gas at great pressure. These flames when through a heat exchanger and warm up our water. It is all possible due to the highly isolated material used in its fire-resistant construction.

Features of Instant Gas Geyser

They are quite small and can be installed on a wall. They can be easily turned on and off at your will and will heat up the water in a short amount of time. 3 different knobs at their body operate water flow, gas flow, and control temperature

Unlike traditional gas geyser, which takes a lot of time to warm up (due to large tank), this geyser warms up its small specially created heat exchanger (so-called tank) within 7-8 mins.

This geyser comes with a gas pressure regulator to be used in northern areas without any problem of gas shortage.

Sizes of Instant gas water heater

The price of the water heater depends on its size or water capacity (storage). Higher the price is larger and smaller the size of the low water capacity. A few commonly available sizes are shown below.

  • 10 liters
  • 12 liters
  • 20 liters

NOTE: liters don’t mean that they will provide only X Liters of water continuously, it means that once the heater is warmed up, it will provide X liter of water per minute. Once it cools down (turned off), and we want to warm it up again, it takes around 7 mins to warm up again

Best Brands of Instant Gas Geyser

Following are the best geyser brands available in Pakistan.

Nagas geyser

The name Nasgas instant gas geyser is well-known in Pakistan, and for a good reason. They are one of the largest manufacturers of instant gas geysers. Their focus lies in making easy use of gas geysers that are quick heating while still affordable. They might not be too cheap but their quality is worth all of your money.

Canon Geyser

Canon Geyser manufacturers instant gas geysers too, but in a simple yet effective design. It makes them easy to use without any hassle.

Other brands include Super Asia and some Japanese imported heater

Why Buy Instant Gas Geyser

Compared to traditional gas geysers, few are some plus point

  • They offer better safety features that ensure the flame stays low when not in use.
  • The product is available at an affordable price range.
  • Heat water at a very fast rate
  • Usually comes with stainless steel body
  • Easy to start (electric ignition)