Haier AC Price in Pakistan

Haier ac price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 125,900 to Rs 309,500. Being offical dealer of Haier we offer their ac at the most afforable rates. So a good Haier ac from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 172,300. We sell geuine and origonal products of Haier whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Haier.

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Haier has its paramount position in domestic air conditioners globally. This Chinese brand is world second biggest air conditioner brand in the world and the second biggest in Asia in the year 2023.

Haier Pakistan was established in 2001 in Pakistan and has been producing a variety of home appliances, more importantly, air conditioners.

An account of Haier ac price in Pakistan for different models, their innovative technology, and a brief comparative price analysis is given below.

Haier Wall Mount Air Conditioner Series

Triple Inverter

This is the most-sold ac series of Haier. This base model has state-of-the-art triple inverter technology that gives full cooling even at 46C. It is also UPS supported. This model is available in two sleek designs: one is pure white, and the second is white with grey stripes.

While on a price point of view, it is the most economical AC series of Haier.

Pearl inverter

This is the latest mid-ranged Haier ac model that comes in four elegant colors: black, golden, white, and grey.

It operates on more advanced R32 refrigerant gas that is more eco-friendly and efficient. It has a Wi-Fi feature and is enabled with UPS devices as well.

Marvel Inverter

This is another mid-range Haier ac that is the same as the Pearl inverter series in specifications but different in design. It comes in four different designs – all white with different colored stripes.

Both these models are very competitive on price value points.

Thunder inverter

This older inverter series of Haier is available in pure white color and is claimed to be operational in T3 conditions. This is also a mid-priced model of Haier.

Cool Inverter

Haier cool inverter is another low-end standard dc inverter AC with advanced R32 refrigerant gas and UPS compatibility feature. This is available in just pure white color. As the Haier ac price in Pakistan for this inverter is low, it lags behind many advanced features and is similar to the Triple inverter series (apart from modern R32 gas).

Voice Control Inverter

This is Haier’s latest high-end model and will be launched in 2022. This model has a new voice recognition and control feature and a peculiar golden design. It also has other features like Wi-Fi operation, modern R32 gas, and USP compatibility. Haier inverter ac price in Pakistan for this series is yet to be released.

UV inverter

This is the flagship model of Haier inverter ac, intended to be launched in 2022. It is available in golden color. Besides traditional features like UPS, Wi-Fi, R32 gas, etc., it has a UV light to kill germs and viruses, thus purifying the air.

Puri inverter

This innovative model includes IFD air filter, that purifies room air. Available in elegant golden and silver colors, it is also equipped with Wi-Fi and UPS features. However, due to the air filter in it, its air throw is relatively low and is a bit expensive.

Haier Floor Standing AC Series

There are just two-floor standing series of Haier available only in 2-ton capacity.

Duzin inverter

Duzin inverter has attractive curved golden and white designs with advanced features of Wi-Fi. It has very quiet operation of 26dB only. Moreover, it has -ve ion generation feature that keeps room air fresh.

Yunding inverter

This golden floor standing inverter has innovative design of double air vents that results in more balanced cooling. Moreover, it has air purifier and Wi-Fi feature as well.

Unbeatable Haier AC price in Pakistan for 2024

Haier ACs have constant high demand in the market, for which its prices are high. For example, Haier 1.5 ton AC price in the Pakistan market starts from about PKR 1,43,000. Likewise, starting price of a Haier 1 ton AC is about PKR 1,20,000, and of a Haier 2-ton cabinet AC is about PKR 3,00,000.

However, shopping provides the lowest price in the market. Here is a comprehensive list of the latest Haier AC prices that we offer:

Upto Date Haier 1 Ton AC Price in Pakistan Dec 2023



Haier Marvel DC Inverter AC HFM AE (Wifi Smart) - 1 Ton 12000 Btu Rs. 132,999
Haier Pearl DC Inverter AC HFP (Wifi Smart) - 1 Ton 12000 Btu Rs. 142,999
Haier Pearl DC Inverter AC HFP (Wifi Smart) - 1 Ton 12000 Btu Rs. 142,999
Haier Thunder T3 DC Inverter AC HPM - 1 Ton 12000 Btu Rs. 152,500

Upto date Haier 1.5 Ton AC Price in Pakistan

Dec 2023



Haier Marvel DC Inverter AC HFM AE (Wifi Smart) - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 158,999
Haier Triple DC Inverter AC HFCF - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 151,999
Haier Pearl DC Inverter AC HFP (Wifi Smart) - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 173,999
Haier Pearl DC Inverter AC HFP (Wifi Smart) - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 173,999
Haier Thunder T3 DC Inverter AC HPM - 1.5 Ton 18000 Btu Rs. 199,999

Haier air conditioner features:

Some of the common features in Haier air conditioners are,

  1. One touch Self-cleaning feature
  2. Wi-Fi features for smart access
  3. Energy Saving upto 60%
  4. Lighter gas R32 (mostly used in new models) that is eco-friendlier and more efficient.
  5. Built-in air filter
  6. 4-D air flow
  7. Auto Clean Function
  8. Low voltage start keeps AC operational even at 150V
  9. Heat & Cool features
  10. UPS compatibility

Haier DC Inverter AC Features

Warranty and Sizes of Haier Air Conditioners

All Haier ACs have the same warranty of 10 years compressor, 4 years for the PCB kit. and 1-year parts.

While there are three sizes of Haier wall mount ACs: 1 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2 ton. Haier floor-standing cabinets are available only in 2-ton sizes.