Dawlance Air Fryer Price in Pakistan

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If you are looking for an air fryer of a well-reputed brand that has its aftersales service department in Pakistan and is yet at an economical price, then Dawlance air fryer might be a suitable option for you.

Dawlance has air fryers in Pakistan, which come in two different types.

Types of Dawlance Air Fryer in Pakistan

  1. Basket Air Fryer
  2. Air Fryer Microwave Oven

Dawlance Basket Air Fryer

This is a standard air fryer with a basket shape that comes with temperature & timer control settings. So you can enjoy fried food much more intuitively.

These air fryers come with a non-stick pot, making it much easier to clean and keep hygienic.

Dawlance Air Fryer Microwave Oven

This is a more advanced air fryer that comes in a box oven shape. It’s actually a microwave oven with the advanced function of air frying through hot air currents.

Thus, it can perform other functions besides air frying like roasting, grilling, heating, defrosting, baking, cooking, and more. Also, it has many programmed settings that make is easier to choose the heat settings with just one click.

Features of Dawlance Air Fryers

Here are some prominent features of its standard air fryer.

Medium Size

The first thing you would notice is that Dawlance has limited itself to just medium size air fryers. While other brands offer a lot of size variations: from small to large, Dawlance sticks to 3 Liter size for its basket air fryer.

This 3L size, in our view, is realistic and appropriate for Pakistani domestic consumption. It gives you enough room to fry french-fires, nuggets, chicken wings, samosa, rolls, and a lot more.

Dual Protection

With its dual protection, your air fryer handle will remain cool when frying food at high temperatures. Then there is also a basket ejection button that ensures the food basket doesn’t spill off accidentally.

Hygenic Construction

Its air fryer has Teflon non-stick coated basket that makes it easier to clean and even dish-wash your air fryer pots. Thus contribute to Hygenic food preparation.

Economical Price

In terms of price value analysis, Dawlance air fryers are just outstanding. This well-reputed brand has the minimum-priced air fryer in Pakistan compared to other locally reputed brands- Like Haier and Westpoint.


All dawlance air fryers come with a 2-year country-wide warranty, which is the maximum that any brand offers in Pakistan. As these air fryers are new to the Pakistani market, you must be conscious of the after-sales service of the fryers.

This aspect of Dawlance fryers makes them stand out.

Up-to-date List of Dawlance Air Fryer Price in Pakistan 2023

If you want to buy a Dawlance air fryer, you should check its price first. Basket type Dawlance air fryer price in Pakistan is one of the most economical compared to other local brands.

While its microwave air fryer is about double the price of the basket air fryer as it has dual functionality and a larger capacity.

Here is a list of Dawlance air fryer prices in Pakistan;


If you already have a microwave oven and looking for a dedicated air fryer, then the Dawlance basket shape air fryer is a suitable option for you as it is a dedicated unit and economical when compared to other brands as well.

But if you want a microwave oven as well, then you don’t need to buy an air fryer separately, and you can go for the Dawlance air fryer microwave oven and save a lot of money.

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