Panasonic Iron Price in Pakistan

Panasonic iron price in Pakistan ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 17,400. Being offical dealer of Panasonic we offer their iron at the most afforable rates. So a good Panasonic iron from us wouldn't cost you more than Rs 9,200. We sell geuine and origonal products of Panasonic whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Panasonic.

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Panasonic is not only well-known for its classical heavy-duty dry irons that are heavyweight and highly durable but also has many advanced steam irons, lightweight irons, and cordless irons.

Here you will have a comprehensive detail of all its types and a perspective on these Panasonic iron prices in Pakistan,

Types of Panasonic Iron in Pakistan

We have categorized Panasonic Irons into the following three types.

  1. Dry Iron
  2. Steam iron
  3. Cordless iron

1. Panasonic Dry Iron

The first category of Panasonic Irons has a distinct sequence of models as it comes on the market. These irons are extremely strong and durable and consume one thousand watts of electricity.

These dry iron come in variations of two weights: one is lightweight and the other is heavyweight.

These irons come with a non-stick coating which prevents the iron from sticking onto garments or putting stains on them. Then there is a huge thermostat dialer which is very institutive to use. You can adjust the temperature setting according to the fabric.

All the Panasonic dry irons are 1000 watts in Power.

2. Panasonic Steam Iron

The steam irons certainly have more advanced features when compared to dry iron as they are more powerful – starting from 1550W to 2300W.

They have medium weight and can steam press your clothes as well.

Then these Panasonic steam irons have two steam buttons. One is for the steam shot through the nozzle, while the other is for steam spray from the sole plate.

A unique feature of these steam iron is their ‘Power Shot’ feature that gives a powerful steam shot and enables it to be used as a handy garment steamer. So you can remove wrinkles from hanging clothes easily.

These steam irons come with titanium coated soleplate, which is more durable, and are powered with ‘An anti-Calc system to prevent calcium from depositing in your iron.

3. Panasonic Cordless Iron in Pakistan

Iron cords might be disturbing and may put staring on your wrist for that there is Panasonic cordless iron. These are also dry iron and have the same durable and reliable performance, except for one feature: they are cordless.

These irons have a rest heel power base which is actually connected to the power supply, while the actual iron is cordless, and when placed on the power base, they get heated.

How does Panasonic iron works

The one-step iron, which works on all sorts of fabrics, makes it simple to use on everything in your closet. Users will be able to effortlessly eliminate wrinkles with a burst of steam while pressing down on the clothes.

Unbeatable Panasonic Iron Price in Pakistan JUn 2024 – 100% Original

Panasonic iron price varies according to the origin of the country where it is manufactured. There are three different countries. The iron might be made in Japan, Malaysia, or Chin, and its price decreases in the corresponding order.

Likewise, based on their type, Panasonic iron price also varies. Dry irons are comparatively more economical in price than steam irons and cordless irons.

Here is a price list of Panasonic irons.



Panasonic Iron NI-22AWT 1000W MalaysianRs. 8,250
Panasonic Steam Iron NI-M300T 1800 WattsRs. 8,249
Panasonic Iron 22AWT Heavy Duty ChinaRs. 5,000