Panasonic Iron Price in Pakistan

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Panasonic iron price in Pakistan ranges from RS 3,100 to RS 11,400. Being offical dealer of Panasonic we offer their iron at the most afforable rates. So a good Panasonic iron from us wouldn't cost you more than RS 6,400. We sell geuine and origonal products of Panasonic whose warranties can be claimed from the offical service center of Panasonic.

Panasonic is well known for its classical heavy duty dry irons that have just temperature control know. Panasonic has come up with many advance irons and steam irons as well, yet its traditional model has found no other replacement. As it is highly durable and simple to use.


Types of Iron

Panasonic offers three types of iron.

  1. Dry Iron
  2. Steam iron
  3. Cordless iron (steamer)


Panasonic Dry Iron

The first category of Panasonic Irons has a distinct sequence of models as it comes on the market, this iron has excellent pressing power and is heavier in weight than the other categories. It consumes one thousand watts of electricity and is extremely strong.

This iron’s lower surface is non-stick and contains a huge thermostatic pilot lamp within. It is simple and smooth to utilize, you may adjust the temperature setting by dependence of the cloth. As it indicates the level of heat for suitable fabrics, which includes Nylon, Cotton, Wool, Silk, and so on.


Panasonic Steam Iron

The steam iron has a different number of features when compared to a dry iron. It includes a hole on top of the Iron, through this you can add water for steaming the clothes. You must exercise caution when using this steam iron since you can’t keep it held down, otherwise the water in the tank will begin to seep out. The Iron must be kept straight once you add the water and water reaches its level.

The button labeled “Power Shot” is used to remove a hanging cloth or fabric crease. When you press the power shot button, steam comes out from the lower surface of the Iron. It’s possible to use it while the Iron is standing upright and not touching the cloth so that it sprays steam directly on them.


Panasonic Cordless Iron

The Panasonic Cordless Iron comes in a carrying bag, it’s more portable since it’s cordless. The Iron is then lowered into the carrying case through the use of side handles. You can open the case by lifting and pulling on the side handles of the carrying bag. There’s a housing unit in which the Iron is installed, as opposed to a Panasonic Steam Iron or Dry Iron.

The charging time is dependent on the type of iron. A battery, each model has a built-in battery with a different voltage in the housing unit where the Iron is fitted, is charged. When you connect it to the socket and place the Iron within the housing unit, there is a cable on the back of the housing unit that keeps Charging.

How does Panasonic iron works

The one-step iron, which works on all sorts of fabrics, makes it simple to use on everything in your closet. Users will be able to effortlessly eliminate wrinkles with a burst of steam while pressing down on the clothes.

Pros & Cons of Panasonic Iron


  • It does not have a sticky pressing surface.
  • A steam iron has the function of steam, so you don’t have to use a spray bottle.
  • With the buttons, you may adjust the temperature level to your decisions.
  • The cordless iron is more convenient and portable.


  • If you use it while barefoot, you may receive an electric shock.
  • Dryers and steam irons require a lot of power.
  • It’s a bit more costly.

Price list of Panasonic Iron in Pakistan 2022

Panasonic iron price varies according to the origin of country where it is manufactured. There are three different countries. The iron might be made in Japan, Malaysia or Chine and its price decreases in the corresponding order.  Here is complete price list of Panasonic irons.

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