Super Asia Geyser Price in Pakistan

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Being one of the oldest names in home appliances, Super Asia also kept its stronghold in geysers. Their geysers are designed, keeping the audience in mind. The quality of their geysers is worth mentioning. Let’s see some details about their geysers.

Types of Geyser Manufactured by Super Asia

Super Asia different types of geysers are available at an affordable price in Pakistan. Following are the types of Super Asia water heaters:

  • Electric Geyser
  • Gas geyser
  • Instant gas geyser
  • Gas & Electric Geyser

Electric Geyser

The Super Asia water heater is a high-quality appliance that can help you save money on your heating bills. These geysers are made totally waterproof by powder coating. Their Sapphire tanks are coated with Enamel heated with a magnesium rod. They use pure copper heat exchange.

They also protect against dry and overheating by adding an import quality thermostat. Some of their products also feature red oxide coating for enhanced protection against corrosion. Their system is tightly sealed from inside out, giving us peace of mind knowing our house will stay warm no matter what.

Gas Geyser

Almost all of these geysers come with auto ignition, which allows the user to easily turn them on and off. It has an energy-saving thermostat, long-lasting durability due to its IIL brand GI pipe, and rustproof tank made of imported galvanized sheet metal.

Instant Gas Geyser

These appliances are fully self function due to automatic temperature and weather control features. Turning them on and off is relatively easy with Dual Power ignition systems. From a safety point of view, they come with Flame failure & Overheat safety functions.

Gas & Electric Geyser

This Geyser is powered by both gas and electrically. It’s ideal for those who want to heat water with gas geysers but also want the facility of electric geysers when gas trips.

Storage Space of Super Asia Geysers

The storage of Super Asia water heaters varies with model. A standard-size gas geyser will store up to 35 liters for regular use a day in winters. And standard electricity can give 8  liters per minute.

Gas Geyser

These geysers are available in different sizes, from 35 to 55 gallons.

Electric Water Geyser

These water heater capacities range from 6 liters/minute to 10 liters/ minute.